Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Boys Consider the Sandbar's "Indoor Hurricane" / Plus, KC Artists Love Trees Too! / And a South by Southwest Update!

When Richard witnessed the Sandbar's float in Tuesday's St. Patty's parade (pictured below), he was reminded how lucky Larryville is to have such an interesting tourist attraction as the bar's "indoor hurricane," a nightly simulated hurricane complete with wind and emergency news broadcasts and mermaid dancers. Although Cl.thier, on a recent evening at the Sandbar, related his severe letdown upon first witnessing the event, the boys nonetheless applaud its novelty and wish more bars would offer quirky shenanigans to amuse them while they get shitfaced.

Richard: "I just wish they'd turn the wind speed up on the hurricane machine so it would whip the shirts clean off the sorostitutes."

Chip: "In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I find the bar's insistence on continuing this tradition to be insensitive at best...Had you going there, didn't I? Nah, I love this shit and I've seen it eighty-four times."


If you're anything like the boys, you've already seen the three Larryville tree-related art exhibits several times each and are craving more. Luckily, Kansas City is getting in on the action. La Esquina is currently hosting an art exhibition called "Happy Tree Friends or Standing: Tree As Agent, Index, Object of Desire (Part 1)." (Richard: "Catchy title!").

The Pitch offers this description of a video installment included in the exhibit:

"Except for the ambient noise of the woods and the sound of the woman moving, the footage is very quiet as the camera tracks the artist embracing trees that are too big to hang on to and trees that are too slender to wrap her legs around comfortably. In one of the videos, she lies atop a log. Freno's images are compelling, affectionate and even comforting because they evince human sensitivity and connection to the natural world. Watching the woman gamely trying to hold on to a large tree, her arms and legs barely wrapped around the trunk, is pitiful and yet endearing."

Chip: "I'm not sure about 'endearing,' but I'll grant them 'pitiful.'"


Pitchfork is currently offering exhaustive South By Southwest music coverage for all the hipsters who can't be in Austin this week. Let's take a quick peek at a cute new singer-songwriter called Micachu:

"Live, Micachu plays tiny children's guitars slung around her neck with ratty string, a playing card stuck into the fretboard to alter the sound. And she and her bandmates wear coordinated hand-stenciled t-shirts."

Richard: "It's going to take a lot more than toy instruments to out-cute the Transmittens, Micachu!"


axeman! said...

Was I the only one catching the (un)intentional phallic nature of that description? Chicks are always struggling to wrap their arms and legs around my love log!

Anonymous said...

Great St. Pat's Day Parade -- complete with llamas and horses with green hooves.

leprechaun said...

Yes, I'm surprised the environmentalists were not out to protest dying the horses green!

(Axeman, those sound like lyrics to a fine new song called "Love Log"!).