Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tonight's the Night: The Percolator's "Trees I Have Known" Opening is Here!

Yes, Larryville artists have gone tree-crazy. Tonight's "juried exhibition" at the Percolator kicks off with the usual shenanigans. Rumor is that Richard will be dressed as "a mighty oak," and invite some of the hipster art chicks to climb up and "nestle in his branches." And if you don't get enough trees at the Percolator, the 6 Gallery downtown and the Spencer Art Museum are doing tree-related art shows too (The Spencer's is called "Trees and Other Ramifications: Branches in Nature and Culture," whatever the fuck that means.).

And you can also participate in yet another "Percolator Experiment," called The Wheel of Willing Diversion." Here's a picture.

Chip: "Enjoy yourself, hipsters. I'm on a beach somewhere, chasing sorostitutes around."


cl.thier said...

Why is modern art so goddamned tiresome?

a hipster artiste! said...

Relax, my friend, and spin the Wheel of Willing Diversion!

You'll be surprised how much you enjoy it.

minor in possession said...

No thanks. I unwillingly went to Diversion once, and it totally sucked. I'll be damned if I'll go back willingly!