Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is It Art, Or Isn't It? (Denver Airport Edition) / Tonight's Metal Show Pick! / Chip Considers Local Legislation: No More Missouri Street?

As you well know, the boys love the local art scene (especially the Percolator and that other downtown gallery where they hand you a PBR upon entering). But they also keep a close watch on art news throughout the land.

Out West, a "public art" piece at the Denver International Airport has sparked a divisive art battle. The piece is a 32 foot tall, 9000 pound fiberglass statue of a bright blue horse. Many believe it's tacky, even frightening, while others have chosen to celebrate it, organizing a "horse haiku" poetry slam as part of National Poetry Month in April (Chip: "That's my favorite month! It's hardly the cruellest, despite Eliot's insistence.").

What do the boys think?

Richard: "The bright blue of the piece recalls Babe the Blue Ox, and I believe the piece is a necessary reminder to our technologically-saturated culture that the West still possesses a powerful, underlying American mythos that's fully resistant to air travel and Blackberry's and Twittering and such. I vote art."

Chip: "It's really just a large blue horse, isn't it? Not art."

The NY-Times article on the subject quotes a local artist who dislikes the piece, stating that there is no good location "to be able to get intimate with the work."

Chip: "Well, you don't exactly want people out there 'getting intimate,' do you? Airports are family places. You can't have people out there humping the horse statue."

Perhaps our friend and Denver resident Dr. C. has thoughts on this issue? Has he been intimate with this piece yet?


With the recent performance by Goblin Cock at the Jackpot and tonight's Replay show by French metal band Hypno5e at the Replay, perhaps there's room for both headbangers and hipsters in this town after all. uses the classic name-dropping technique in their description of Hypno5e: "Theirs is accessible metal cut with ethereality a la Dead Can Dance, God Speed-style minimalism, Tool's deliberate low end, and an unapologetic operatic brutality all their own."

Richard: "I'm fairly sure none of those mentioned bands are even metal bands. Art-rock, sure. Prog-rock? Yes. Math-rock, maybe. But not metal."

Chip: "Well, they do have one thing in common. They are all simply terrible."

Cl.thier: "I hate bands who use numbers in their words. That means you, Tech N9ne."

The opener for tonight's show is local metal band, Stull, who take their name from a nearby town which, according to our students, is home to one of the gates of hell and a place which the Pope once ordered his plane diverted as opposed to flying over.


The city fathers, fresh from passing major hedgehog legislation, will soon consider (again) a proposal to rename the 900 to 1100 blocks of Missouri Street in honor of former KU coach Don Fambrough, a man purported to hate Missouri even more than Chip does.

What does Chip think?

Chip: "First off, after last night's embarrassing loss to Texas Tech, I'm in favor of renaming our own entire institution "Fucking Loserville." But, in general, yes, I think we should try to get rid of anything Missouri-related, including the state itself, if possible."

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