Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twangy Pick of the Day: Atomic Duo / We Celebrate Bloomsday

Twang-loving scenesters are on high-alert today, having noted that former Bad Livers' member Mark Rubin's new project, Atomic Duo, will be playing a special Thursday Replay matinee. Here's what we uncovered via the interweb:

"Playing a guitar and mandolin graciously provided by the National Resophonic Guitar Company; they are most comfortable performing entirely acoustically, without microphones, much in the same way their musical forefathers found perfectly acceptable."

Given the acoustics on the patio and the inevitable presence of loud-talking scenesters, we look forward to not hearing a single fucking note.

Also, those who are hipper than us and stick around for the late show with Joe Jack Talcum, Samuel Locke Ward, and the Bass-Turd are likely in for a weird time, and should submit reviews to us.


It's Bloomsday, the annual Joycean celebration of Ulysses, the events of which take place entirely on June 16th. Since Larryville is such a literary town, you can surely count on various festivities throughout the day, right?


But Chip plans to re-enact the masturbation scenes at some point.

In our research for this post, we stumbled upon a description of a film called James Joyce's Women, from 1985:

"The centerpiece of the film is Molly's masturbation, the filmed version of which must occupy about 20 uninterrupted minutes of screen time. The entire scene, including finger-to-genital contact, is pictured on camera. This is an extraordinary moment in cinema, because the naked woman playing with her privates in front of you is not a B-movie starlet, a stripper, a porno star, or a fading movie queen making a final grasp for attention, but a legitimate classical actress [Fionnula Flanagan] ala Dame Edith Evans or Meryl Streep. Since she is an excellent actress and a natural looking woman, the scene creates the impression that we are actually watching a woman masturbate, and that she is unaware of our presence."

How in the hell have we never seen this? Liberty Hall, do you have it? Or perhaps we should check the back room at Miracle Video?

You might also want to visit our Bloomsday post from last year, in which we examined some of Joyce's legendary dirty letters and Chip learned a phrase that has served him well ever since:

"You know now how to give me a cockstand."


Rachel said...

Who needs a real-life Bloomsday celebration when you can celebrate with Twitter!

if we'd only known in advance... said...

...we'd have totally joined that "global volunteer army of Joyce-sodden tweeps.”