Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Rooftop Vigilantes Wrap-up / And Tonight's Hipster Art Pick!

After a week of promoting the Vigilantes' Replay hipster showcase, it's time to move on to other bands. But how was the show? Richard himself skipped it, claiming that any show with that much hype was bound to be a letdown. But was he wrong? Was it the greatest hipster show ever played in town or an event similar to Twain's "Royal Nonesuch" from Huck Finn?

LC-supporter and local rock scholar King Tosser is quoted in the Pitch's Wayward Blog as saying that the Vigilantes' recorded work is "fookin' brilliant," but his reaction on the live show seemed subdued today. The Pitch itself weighs in with some commentary on the band's recent Record Bar gig in KC:

"Twice during the set, two sorrority-lookin' dames in matching white sweaters, blue jeans and high-heeled boots got up and danced gleefully, Coors Light bottles in hand, to the Vigilantes merry musicmaking."

Richard: "I wonder if KC's hipster beer of choice is Coors Light? Because I could totally deal with that easier than this PBR swill we must poison ourselves with to be hip in Larryville."

The story reports that the band closed with a "tweaked up" version of the 'Mats "Cant' Hardly Wait."

Richard: "I have seen so many hipster bands take a stab at this song but they rarely get it right. The best was Grand Champeen. I'd had so many PBR's that night that I believed I was actually watching the Replacements."

But now that the show has come and gone and the Vigilantes are off on a winter tour to rack up more national acclaim, who should we pay attention to in Larryville? How about Fag Cop, playing both tonight and Monday at the Replay (two shows at the Replay in three days means they are poised for local hipster acclaim). The Onion's AV Club includes the band in their annual round up of "worst/silliest" band names, along with Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan, The Greatest Touchdown Ever Scored, and 3 Piston Ass Hammer.


And if you're in the mood for hipster art, one of Larryville's best known artists has a show tonight at the Dot Dot Dot gallery in the Haskell strip mall. It's Molly Murphy, and if you hang out much at the Pig or the TapRoom, you've likely had a beer either with or near her. Described by as a "high profile, red booted, art booster-about-town," Murphy is known for her "nudes" and "semi-nudes."

Richard: "Her work is interesting, but what I really like are her boots."

Chip: "Are they tasteful nudes?"

And if the show leaves you craving less tasteful nudes, remember that the local porn emporium is next door!

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