Friday, January 2, 2009

The Boys Consider the 2008 "Banished Words" List / Plus, the LC Holiday Box Office Report!

Each year, Lake Superior State University offers a list of overused words and phrases that they'd like to see banished from everday use. 2008's list included: "going green," "maverick," "staycation," and "not so much."

Today we offer a list of the most overused words of this blog during 2008:


Richard: "Overused, yes, but the LC as we know it simply cannot exist without these words."

Chip: "I never get tired of the word 'boner.' It's just always funny."


The holiday season always offers a heady mix of Oscar fare for filmgoers, and 2008 was no different, as audiences were offered David Fincher's eloquent look at time and aging, Ron Howard's take on presidential misbehavior, and Tom Cruise's "I'm a good Nazi" turn in Valkryie. Audiences, however, opted overwhelming for the canine caper Marley and Me. Did the boys enjoy it?

Richard: "On my scale of animal hijinks films, it ranks well above that flick where Friends' Joey plays baseball with a monkey but far behind the pure hilarity of Turner and Hooch."

Chip: "I liked it when the dog tore shit up."


ESLSCNSIWL Alumnus '06 said...

This LC reader believes "Lake Superior State University" is the most overused phrase of 2008! First, Lake Superior isn't, has never been, and never will be a "state" - that goes for you too, Wright State and Ball State (though I think it's hilarious to pronounce it "Balls Tate"!). Second, why should I listen to a bunch of glorified community college wannabes for my linguistic cues? Perhaps if Harvard, Stanford, or 42 officemates of 4025 Wescoe Hall came up with this list I'd buy it, but not the illuminated minds of Eastern South Lakes State College of North Central Iowa - West Lafayette Campus (though ESLSCNCIWL has some nubile women I hear, especially compared to the ones over on that shithole East Lafayette campus!)

Hell, is the University of Phoenix going to start telling me what sentence constructions were overdone as well? Please, pontificate oh Online Giver of College Degrees!

balls tate said...

I think I just found my new 09 pseudonym!