Friday, January 23, 2009

The Boys Consider Jo Schmo's "Beer Buckets," the Genre of "Bromance," and Roller Derby!

Drinking beer is often considered an important communal act, but did you ever wish it could be a little bit more so? Now it can! Jo Schmo's $12 dollar beer buckets are exactly what they sound like: a big tub o'beer with straws provided.

Richard: "There's a wonderful innocence to this. I enjoy taking my best girl and sipping a beer bucket together like we're drinking a chocolate malted in a 50's diner...except this is the kind of 'malted' that can get you shitfaced!"


Largely thanks to the work of writer/director Judd Apatow, the "bromance" has become a staple at the cineplex lately. These films celebrate the heterosexual/homosocial relations between the kinds of horny young men who have always populated such sex comedies, and in so doing perhaps give their young male audiences a different take on gender issues. One of the surprise hits at this year's Sundance Film Festival aims to push the "bromance" into more complex territory: Humpday is the story of two straight friends who decide to make a "gay art project," a film in which they have sex with each other.

Chip: "Hollywood wants me to be embarrassed by my staunch heterosexuality, but I'm not. So far the only movie that made me truly wish I were gay was Sex and the City: The Movie."


Roller derby has yet to infiltrate Larrvyille hipster society, but it's spreading like wildfire in the hipster and rockabilly communities of KC and Topeka. The ladies have names like Boobarella, Yvette Yerass, Sassy B. Yatch, Sweet Roll, and Dee Claw, of the Victory Vixens, pictured below (she lists her "good luck charm" as "fire crotch pants.")

Richard: "This is so much cooler than kickball and I can't wait till it gets to Larrvyille!"

Chip: "My mother always warned me to stay away from Derby girls, but I'll bet they're wild and kinky. I'll bet they do it with their skates on."


mikey said...

Doing it with yer skates on? I've tried it, and there's only one woman on this earth who can pull it off...

Such sweet, sexy, nubile innocence!

rollergirl! said...

That's right!