Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The LC: A Tastemaker? / The Boys Consider Upcoming Films and the Miss America Pageant / Plus, a Bit of Art!

Mere hours after the LC plugged this weekend's Rooftop Vigilantes show, Lawrence.com weighed in with a major story on the band. A coincidence? Well, yes. But they offer an interview you'll certainly want to peruse in addition to our continuing coverage of these local hipsters which we vow to love at least until the Transmittens return with more shows. Here's the beginning of Lawrence.com's piece:

"You know a band takes its press junkets seriously when it packs a handle of Jim Beam and a twelver of Hamm’s. Lawrence’s Rooftop Vigilantes pounded portions of its ginmill in our company parking lot before venturing into our podcast studio..."

Richard: "A lot of young hipster bands think it's cool to get completely hammered to play their shows. And they are absolutely right."

The Vigilantes' album contains 16 songs in 27 minutes, with titles such as "Charley Want Mario Chalmers," "Hannah Give Haircut," and "After Shots at the Taproom" (which is likely autobiographical).

Chip: "Hipsters have short attention spans, so the short songs make sense, but I didn't realize they talked like cavemen."


The boys always keep an eye on the multiplex, and today they take a quick look at a couple of upcoming titles.

Chip: "During this time of year the market is so glutted with 'important' films seeking awards that it's sometimes easy to overlook the mediocre, mainstream fare that we love so well. But I hope that viewers don't overlook 'Hotel for Dogs' and 'My Bloody Valentine 3-D' in the coming weeks. I'm terribly excited about the first and moderately excited about the second. Personally, I don't care for the blood and gore, but I hear the film will provide boobies right in your face, 3-D style!"

Richard: "And I hear that Don Cheadle's work in 'Hotel for Dogs' makes his work in 'Hotel Rwanda' look like dogshit."


Like all red-blooded American males, the boys always enjoy watching the Miss America pageant and talking about which states they most want to bang. And this year's promotional material has especially sparked their interest. The show's ads ask: "Who goes down...and who gets the crown?"

Chip: " 'Who goes down?' Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this a barely-veiled reference to blowjobs?"


Although 6 Gallery's "Bestiary" art exhibition has been overshadowed by the Percolator's "Apocalypse" show (and the various antics of that gallery), it should not be missed by serious local art lovers. Richard had a chance to witness it just before the holidays and can personally vouch that there is some weird shit in there.

But here's one of the less disturbing pieces, which should please our fans of cute baby animals. It's a piece by Andrew Hadle called "Cute Pile," and the artist explains it as follows: “This is an image of some cats in a tree on a plate" (Lawrence.com).


Cute Pile of . . . said...

Isn't getting hammered before your show one of the few perks of being an artist?

It's good to see 3-D is getting back to its roots: schlock horror and titties.

agreed said...

Yes, and in the future I won't see ANY horror film unless it's in 3-D (although I will still see films with 2-D titties).