Saturday, January 31, 2009

The LC Art Update! (Soup, Restrooms, and Trees!)

Today brings a major annual Larryville art event: Soup-er Bowl Saturday at the Arts Center, in which guests can purchase a ceramic bowl ($10-30 dollars) made by local artists which will then be filled with soup.

Chip: "I disliking the idea of using the holiest of sports days to capitalize on 'art.' "

The boys themselves do not plan to attend, as they are busy preparing 'bacon explosion' for their respective Super Bowl functions tomorrow.

However, they are excited about several other art events on the horizon.

On Feb. 6, at Henry's, a new exhibit opens called "The Water Closet: Portraits of Queers in Public Bathrooms," described as follows: "Public bathrooms are contested space for members of the queer community. They are simultaneously a place of eroticism for public sex, as well as, a place of intense gender policing." Each portrait is set in a local public restroom.

Richard: "I fear that any satirical take on this exhibit runs a higher than usual risk of misinterpration."

Chip: "Agreed. Plus, it sounds like a fabulous exhibit. Even as a straight man (very straight), I have a strong interest in local restrooms and have had several formative, albeit strictly heterosexual, experiences in them, such as the time I took a piss next to Coach S.lf at the Yacht Club and the time I discovered that the restrooms at the local Northside biker bar are absolutely the cleanest in town, simply pristine."

But the most anticipated hipster art event is, without question, the upcoming Percolator exhibit called "Trees I Have Known" (the opening is March 14).

Richard: "I knew a mighty oak back in Arkansas and I look forward to celebrating it in both word and song and painting."


Sarge said...

"[I]ntense gender policing"? Do tell. I'm intrigued (and a bit confused).

police cops! said...

Yeah, I don't really get it either. I'm just quoting the press releases.

Not Chip said...

Gawd, I fucking hate art.