Monday, January 26, 2009

The Boys Weekly Box Office Report / Plus, How do Progressive Larryvillians Entertain Themselves?

With the Oscar nominees announced this past week, one might think those films would rocket to the top of the box-office. But one would be wrong. Paul Blart: Mall Cop remained on top for the second straight weekend, surprising everyone in the industry and even eking out a small victory over the vampire/werewolf picture.

Richard: "I've decided that what we're witnessing here is something more complex than simply America's attraction to dumb entertainment. My theory is that, in this tough economic climate, people are finding comfort in Paul Blart: Mall Cop's vision of a consumer society that is perhaps off-limits for some at the moment, due to low wages and lay-offs, but that is being protected in the interim by a faithful mall cop until we all can return to our frivolous ways of spending."

Chip: "I liked the part where the fat guy crashed the scooter."


Readers, you may be wondering how the average environmentally-minded citizen of Larryville spends his or her weekend. Today's LJ-World provides that answer, which we will present here with no extra commentary. It is a description of this weekend's annual Kaw Valley Eagle Day:

"Clad in a shimmering green jumpsuit made from soda can tops and frozen juice lids, Eco Elvis, an environmental evangelist from Kansas City, strummed a guitar and sang tunes like “Viva Las Vegans” and “Compost Hotel.”

“I’m here to get you all shook up about the environment,” he said...".


Eco-Emigre said...

Richard, I think your analysis of Paul Blart is awesome. I wonder if there's any truth to that. It'd make an interesting counterpoint to anti-consumerism horror like Dawn of the Dead. It deserves at least passing mention in your class--of course that'd mean you might have to see the flick.

nog: mall cop said...

I do like the idea of watching Paul Blart and taking notes during the film!