Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Boys Consider Anti-Percolator Discrimination, Look Ahead to this Weekend's Movies, and Geek Out With "Lost"!

Tomorrow evening brings one of Larryville's several "Downtown Gallery Walks," and today's LJ-World mentions all of the galleries involved, on and off Mass. Street. Nowhere to be found, however, is the Percolator, despite the fact that there is a prominent opening called "Mothers, Madonnas, and Queens" there tomorrow night. Is this because the hipsters of the Perc. do not want to mingle with more "mainstream" Larryville art (such as that freaky shit at the "Bestiary" show at 6 Gallery)? Or is it because the "mainstream" is scared of the hipsters at the Perc, whose openings tend to feature moments such as this, from the "Apocalypse" opening, in which a mystical apocalyptic creature terrifies some small children:


It's been a good few weeks for movies, with both Hotel for Dogs and Paul Blart: Mall Cop delighting audiences across the land. Expect another strong opening this weekend as a new vampire film hit screens: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. The only thing more cool than a vampire film is a film with both vampires and werewolves * , and this one promises to deliver: "Lucian, a werewolf...battles vampire Viktor despite his love for Viktor's daughter Sonja" (interweb).

Chip: "This film stars Michael Sheen, whom the 'artsy' crowd may recall as David Frost in the recent Frost/Nixon. But I suspect his role as Lucian will allow him to better flex his acting muscles."

Richard: "As announced here several times, I'm still at work on my series of adolescent werewolf novels and have finally added a second sentence:

"As the full moon rose outside his bedroom window, Harry Lupus woke up with a very furry boner. He began to howl."

[*The only thing better than a vampire and werewolf film would be a film with vampires and werewolves and zombies.]


To the delight of geeks everywhere, Lost returned to television last night, promising to finally answer such nagging questions as "Why was Jack's supposedly dead father Christian wearing white tennis shoes during his mysterious appearance in Season One?"

Chip: "Anyone who's waited five years to find out an answer about a character's shoes needs to get a life. Go see Paul Blart: Mall Cop, get laid, play some sports, for goodness sake!"

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the shoes ain't lost said...

Don't all be-suited corpses get fitted with some sweet all white K-Swiss for their passage to the hereafter? Duh.

(Or are they a sweet pair of white on white Le Coq Sportif tennis shoes, you know the kind Yannick Noah used to sport back in the day? Hard to tell.)