Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Larryville Gets a New Bar! / Plus, This Week's Obama-Product: Obama Chia Heads!

Since the Moon Bar closed, leaving local residents without a proper place for an old-fashioned knife-fight, Larryville's Iowa Street really hasn't had a proper nightlife 'destination.'

That may be changing.

A place called "Wilde's Chateau 24" is now open in the long-dormant Molly McGee's building ("Molly's was never the same once it moved to the other side of Iowa Street"--Richard).

Information on the Chateau is sketchy at this point. All that's known is that the bar will play host to "Pride Night" each Wednesday. Perhaps the place is indeed the full-fledged gay bar Larryville has been needing?

Chip: "Well, 'chateau' certainly doesn't sound very heterosexual. In fact, it sounds very...French."

Richard: "Oh, I don't know. It sounds to me like a ski resort, the kind of place I could lounge by a roaring fire with a snifter of brandy while I observed the "slopes' and 'valleys' of ski bunnies mingling nearby. Or perhaps it recalls a country manor, the kind of place where we could recline comfortably while ladies feed us grapes. I predict great things for this bar. It may last as long as two months."


Last week we discussed Ben and Jerry's "Yes Pecan" ice cream ("I look forward to eating this shit for at least the next four years, and hopefully eight." --Richard).

But what's the next company to profit off the new President?

The makers of "chia pets' and 'chia heads' are proud to announce the new "Obama chia head," a product already being deemed as racist by some (due to the fact that all chia heads grow what amounts to "Afros").

Chip: "But most African-Americans do have afros, don't they?"

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