Thursday, January 8, 2009

Larryville Gets a Scenic Overlook! / The Boys' Book Club Reads "How To Love Like a Hot Chick!" (Vol. I)

KU architecture students have designed a 400 square foot "viewing platform" located on a cliff at the edge of Rockefeller Prairie (since when do prairies have cliffs?) at the KU Field Station three miles north of Larryville, slated to open early this year and "provide a spectacular view of the Kansas River valley, Lawrence and the University of Kansas" (KU website). The deck "will include a 20-foot-long curving bench, representative of waving fields of Kansas wheat."

Richard: "I predict this spot will be popular for lovers, and if my Chi Omega fountain plan fails, I hope to bang a sorostitute on this wheat-bench while singing the 'Rock Chalk' chant."

Chip: "I suspect this will be a popular suicide spot for leapers who are upset over this year's basketball squad."


Relationship guides are always popular, and one currently on the shelves is called "How To Love Like a Hot Chick," by Huffington Post bloggers Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, who offer the following advice:

"Step 1: Read How to Love Like a Hot Chick

We define a Hot Chick as a confident woman who is passionate, comfortable in her own skin and owns her sexuality, and the advice in our book will bring out the sexy Hot Chick that is taking a nap right now inside you and help you giggle your way through every dating and relationship obstacle on the planet. We'll help you figure out what you want, how to get it, and why you shouldn't settle for anything less."

Chip: "They assume that every woman is or can be a 'hot chick,' which is patently false."

Richard: "Feminism often overlooks the power of 'giggling.' This is an important work."

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hell in a handbasket said...

"So, Condi, how's that Middle East thing going?"

"Well, Gaza (hee hee) is really (hee hee) fucked up (hee hee). Oh, those shoes are so cu-yoot!"

Giggle away, ladies.