Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Boys Consider Booze and Politics! / Plus, "Stitch and Bitch!"

According to today's LJ-World, Larryville bars and restaurants sold 3.2 million dollars more liquor in 2008 than the year before, a fact largely attributed to fans out celebrating the basketball team's march to the national championship and the football team's march to an Orange Bowl victory (Chip: "As near as I can figure, I spent $1218.32 on booze last year, and I'm happy to say only eight of it was on PBR.").

But the paper failed to mention the extra booze sold to the masses of liberals out watching last year's debates and attending Election Night celebrations (the kind of people who, in a normal year, stay home reading The Nation). They'll be out again for this Tuesday's Inauguration Day celebrations, such as the one at the Granada featuring performances by such local hipster bands as Hidden Pictures, which the LC has pronounced the most adorable local boy-girl duo since the Transmittens. But don't worry: no one is or can be as cute as the Transmittens. Just look at this new Myspace photo:


A new knitting group, part of a nationwide "Stitch and Bitch" organization, began in Larryville last week. These groups cater largely to 20 and 30-something (hipster?) women, as opposed to the 'little old ladies' one might often associate with the hobby. According to, one man joined the initial meeting of the group, stating: “I think masculinity in 2009 is broad enough to have men sew and not have their masculinity threatened by it...".

Chip: "Yeah, right."

Richard: "I remember a Quinton's discussion where our old friend Shawn told us that 'sewing circles' were a great place to meet women. Perhaps he was right."

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thrill seeker said...

Sewing Circles are fine, but Sewing Circle Jerks...that's where the action is!