Monday, January 12, 2009

Larryville Hipster Bands Are Getting National Press! / Plus, The Boys Check in With Larryville's Weekly "Lifestyle" Magazine, Go!

All local hipsters are familiar with Range Life records (named after the Pavement song, of course), but a new local label, Chomp Womp, is now overshadowing that institution. Chomp Womp is home to such hipster bands as Boo and Boo Too, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Bandit Teeth, and Rooftop Vigilantes (who are slated for a weekend Replay showcase this Friday, paired with beloved hipsters The Dactyls, formerly Legendary Terrordactyls).

A piece in Impose Magazine ( provides a nice assessment of many of the label's bands. Let's let at a few descriptions, starting with Rooftop Vigilantes:

"Blissful, earnest pop punk with a sweet streak of 60s farfisa psychedelia...what could be described as Taco Tuesdays or The Zombies drunk on Hamm’s.”

Richard: "If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: a Farfisa organ may be the only thing that can salvage indie rock at this point."

And here's Impose's description of Bandit Teeth that reveals a classic tradition in current music writing: linking a band to so many other bands that all meaning is obscured.

"You can sort of see B.Teeth doing an angry Pavement where Blood on the Wall is going after a stripped down Pixies via Sonic Youth."

Richard: "Here is my personal description of the popular new band Airborne Toxic Event: "it's like reading DeLillo while stoned on a plane being flown by the Talking Heads and the London Philharmonic."


As we've noted here before, each Monday LJ-World readers are treated to 30+ pages of local cultural issues in the new magazine Go, with features listing the most popular requests at the library (Dewey the Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World is a fixture there), the public school weekly lunch menu (this Friday brings a "winter blend"), and profiles of local citizens.

This week's profile is of Khristina Kirstatter, proprietor of Larryville's Lucky Paws Bakery, which bakes healthy treats for dogs "including everything from a blueberry biscuit to one with a garbanzo bean base...and even does custom cakes for doggie birthdays and holidays." (Go). Visit her at

Chip: "My old south Kansas canine companion seems perfectly content to eat the ass end of a dead skunk in the field, and I can't tell he's any less healthy than these liberal Larryville pooches."


pavement was cool, but macadam rocked! said...

Weren't The Dactyls named something else?

the jicks said...

You mean before they were the Legendary Terrordactyls?