Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Boys' Consider PETA's "furs for the homeless" inauguration plans / The Boys Look at Restaurant Criticism / Plus, More on the Rooftop Vigilantes!

PETA (for all you non-green, non-liberal readers, that means People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has led a long campaign against the wearing of fur but has finally found a use for discarded fur coats: they will be given away to the homeless during DC's inauguration ceremonies.

"We expect that the only fur on the streets on Jan. 20 will be on homeless people," said Bruce Friedrich, PETA vice president.

Richard: "This is a great idea on several levels. Obviously, it helps keep the homeless warm, which is nice, but it also makes them look more fashionable, which is nice for us when we have to look at them. PETA is also making sure to mark each fur coat with a black marker so they'll have very little value if someone attempts to sell them to buy booze or crack...or a house."

Chip: "I wish Larryville would institute this program. That way homeless people could more easily be spotted and avoided."


Yesterday's New York Times offered a fascinating profile of Francois Simon, a no-holds-barred French food critic who strikes fear into the heart of restauranteurs wherever he goes. Here's an excerpt:

"Mr. Simon prides himself on being an outsider and a provocateur. His columns describe not only a restaurant’s food, but also its service, d├ęcor and clientele, even down to the movement of the breasts of women around him."

Chip: "Simon should visit Quinton's. The food there is absolutely inseparable from the women who serve it. In fact, without the waitresses who serve it, the food is absolutely sub-par. I may not remember last night's cheddar soup there, but I remember the breasts of each girl who has ever brought be a breadbowl."

Richard: "I agree. One time AZ bent over to serve me some salsa and I saw right down her shirt. And that salsa tasted so much hotter than usual. It's all part of the experience."


The Rooftop Vigilantes show is on the horizon. Let's look at what has to say about them:

"Couldn’t find a press kit, not even a website, just a Myspace page with some awesome photos of a dude passed out with “kill cops” written on his neck in sharpie."

But isn't that enough, readers? If you're a hipster, it's more than enough!

2 comments: lawbiders said...

I'd argue a MySpace page with a photo on it may be too much!

Lawrence Health Inspector said...

Food should be banned at Quinton's. Just a week ago there were tiny flies buzzing around the place. How are flies even alive when it's -5 degrees?