Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scenester Moment of the Week: Hospital Ships and a Mannequin Head / Local Lego Competion

So we were rocking with Pitchfork-darlings Hospital Ships at their Love Garden CD release party last night (as mandated by hipster law) and, just before launching into "Galaxies," Jordan Geiger requested that a severed mannequin head (from the mannequin in the song's video ) be passed around throughout the crowd and filled with donations for touring. The head moved slowly through the scenester throng, with most holding it almost reverently (and a few--rare--generous scenesters even placing a dollar or so in it). You can see a video of the procession over at I Heart Local Music (link in sidebar).

Chip: "No one seemed to think this severed mannequin head worship was weird at all. Except me. I thought it was some sort of secret scenester ritual. Like I had wandered into a coven. A hipster coven."

Two other observations:

1) We think Hospital Ships' "Carry On" should be selected as Larryville's official scenester anthem. It's just so simultaneously sad and hopeful ("The world doesn't care if you're in it or not...when I'm gone, carry on, carry on.").

2) We're not sure what the final song was (too many Dixie beers by then), but the final moments of Geiger repeating the mantra "I will not go quietly through this world" against a storm of distortion was really, really nice. Even Chip was inspired.

Chip: "And also worried about the eardrums of the little dancing hipster children in the crowd. As the storybook says, 'Go the fuck to sleep.'"


We also stopped outside The Toy Store last night to peruse the entries in the Larryville Lego competition. We particularly liked this one: a model of St. Luke AME Church on New York Street (photo below).

We are now inspired to submit our own entries. Richard is doing a Lego Replay populated by little Lego scenesters and Chip, of course, is doing a Lego Quinton's.

Chip: "The little Lego titties of the waitresses are as cute as they are erotic."

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Nick said...

That's it - next time I'm at the hardware store, I'm buying a box of earplugs for all these parents who are intent on giving their children worse hearing than mine by the time they're pubescent.