Sunday, November 30, 2008

A New Episode of "Is it Art, or Isn't It? / Plus, the Boys Discuss PitchWeekly's Award for "Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women"

Most residents of Larryville have unwittingly encountered the art of the Van Go project: various downtown newspaper boxes are covered with their paintings. Van Go is "an arts-based social service agency" ( that provides an outlet for local troubled youth, and last night Richard attended their annual show in the rather remarkable Van Go facility downtown (making sure to lock his car--these are troubled youth we're dealing with, after all, though luckily none of them seemed to be in attendance at the affair in their honor).

Chip: "So these are the culprits behind the 'art' on the newspaper boxes? One man's art is another man's vandalism, I guess. I favor arresting these kids. I vote 'not art.' "

Richard: "If they weren't making art, they'd be making meth.. Personally, I find their work a little dull, but it's brightly colored, which most people enjoy. I'll go with art on this one."


Though more than a month remains in the year, KC's weekly cultural magazine, the Pitch, has seen fit to bestow it's annual "Best of the Year" awards honoring the area's best restaurants, bars, bands, and various other things. An intriguing category this year was "Best Place to Meet Intelligent Women," and the award went to the cafe in the new contemporary art museum in the Bloch Building, where, according to the Pitch, sophisticated single women who "know the difference between Rothko and Rauschenberg" dine alone on the terrace sipping pinot noir (Pitch). This led the boys, quite naturally, to wonder about the best place to meet intelligent women in Larryville.

Richard: "First off, I don't think Larrvyille art openings are the answer. The hipster chicks at Wonder Fair are mainly there for the free PBR and don't know a Monet from a Manet, much less a Rothko from a Rauschenberg. As for bars, people assume that the Pig and Henry's attract a smarter caliber of lady, but half of them these days are hiding a Twilight novel behind their philosophy textbook."

Chip: "Watson Library would seem a nice place to meet scholarly women, but it's hard to meet the graduate students when surrounded by so many sorostitutes checking their Facebooks in the computer labs who have never even ventured into the stacks except to give a late-night blowjob to unworthy frat boys."

Richard: "An immediate Larryville counterpart to the museum cafe is just not coming to mind. I really think our best bet to get laid is to go to Kansas City."


Anonymous said...

I know some hoes down on 47th Street if anyone wants in!

--Oh these ladies know their Rothko!

a john said...

As long as they are smart hoes, they're fine by me.

Anonymous said...


These girls will convince you that women can suck far better than just reading Twilight!! Also: VDs!

--There's always an upside (But that costs you $20 more!)