Friday, November 21, 2008

The Boys' Sexy Pick of the Day: KJHK's "Kansas in Heat" Radio Broadcast, live at the Jackpot! / Plus, Larryville Gets Shakespearean!

The LC mentioned KJHK's weekly sex-show broadcast awhile back, but the boys have not yet attended this event. What do hipsters talk about when they talk about sex? It's a question that needs to be answered, and the boys may finally get around to checking it out soon. Judging from a recent interview with the show's hosts (pictured), the program branches out beyond just the usual hipster audience of KJHK and takes questions from all manner of Larryville citizens: "Some of the most taboo topics we've dealt with have come from KU students, including one individual who chronically masturbated on frisbee golf courses. He wanted to know if it was natural or just a phase that he could only get aroused masturbating at frisbee golf courses. He got a rush from sexual displays in public. You can't just tell this person to stop doing it, because obviously they can't. I advised him to wean himself off of it by doing it outside in his yard, then try to transfer that rush mentally to the point where he can do it indoors." (

Chip: "Of course it's perfectly natural. Sports gives real men a boner."

The boys have been preparing a few questions to to take with them to the show, such as:

"Occasionally I get tired of banging drunken sorostitutes and want to screw one of the hot single mothers that hang around at the Replay. Is this normal?"

"Who's the better lay: hippie chicks or hipster chicks? And why?"

"What's the best hipster album to fuck to?"

If our readers have answers to these questions or would like to submit questions of their own, please comment!


There's big news on the Larryville theatre scene this week. Pachamama's old location off 23rd Street in West Larryville has been purchased by a playwright who intends to turn the former restaurant into a Shakespearean theater with five performances a season featuring local and professional actors (UDK). Are the boys excited?

Chip: "I'm in favor of this but if, and only if, they perform these plays as they are meant to be performed, without modernizing them or performing them in the nude. Unless the actors are hot waitresses."

Richard: "Once I saw one of Dr. X's female students perform a series of fully nude, simulated sex scenes at the Larryville Arts Center. I can't remember what the play was about, but I do remember it was a beautiful piece...of art."

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