Friday, November 7, 2008

Hipster Pick of the Weekend: Rummage Sale at the Replay! / Plus, Is It Art, or Isn't It? / Also: Don't Forget the Farmer's Ball!

On Saturday afternoon, the Replay will be hosting a barbecue and rummage sale consisting of items such as: "Neon beer signs, metal beer signs, lots of western themed decorative collectables (skulls, horns, a duck!, lanterns, weird stuff) bar collectables, random restaurant / coffee / serving supplies, electronics, cables, glassware, plumbing hardware, shelving, swag lamps, banners, posters, and tons more!!" (

Richard: "I hope to purchase a set of genuine Replay barstools so I can host PBR parties at home on the rare nights I don't go the Replay!"

Chip: "I wish Quinton's would sell some of their 'slightly-used' waitresses, perhaps ones that are not quite hot enough or don't have large enough breasts to work the prime-time shifts."


The Red Door Gallery in KC presents an interesting exhibition tonight called "Reversion," much of which involves art made of sand on the gallery floor (

Chip: "When a kid makes a sculpture in a sandbox, we might tell him it's great art, but it probably isn't. I suspect the same is true of this show. Not art."

Richard: "I like art when it's on the wall, not on the floor. Not art.


At the Jackpot tonight, Richard's prediction for the Farmer's Ball winner is slated to take the stage. Come see the Transmittens, dear readers, and let's get drunk on Hamm's on ice and dance like hipsters (standing still in the back of the room and occasionally nodding).

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