Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chip's Pick of the Day: Bush Sr. at the Lied Center! / Plus, the Boys' Weekend Box-Office Report!

Former President Bush is in town today to accept the Dole Leadership Prize at the Lied Center. Are the boys excited?

Chip: "Yes. And I was surprised how quickly the tickets were snatched up. They went even quicker than the New Kids on the Block tickets at the Sprint Center. Are there really over a thousand Republican fans of Bush Sr. in Lawrence, or were these tickets snatched up by campus liberals who plan to show up today and throw rotten fruit at the former leader of the free world? I fear the latter."

Richard: "I suspect they were snatched up by liberals, but I don't predict the kind of ridiculous liberal behaviour today that we witnessed a few years back during Ann Coulter's appearance at the Lied, behaviour which made me briefly embarrassed for being a liberal...until I remembered how superior my political views were to the conservatives. No, I believe today's audience will save their righteous indignation for later, over dinner, as they rail against the Bush dynasty and congratulate themselves for overthrowing the conservative regime and ending racism."


The new Bond film "Quantum of Solace" opened at number one with $70 million in ticket sales this weekend, the best opening ever for a Bond film. The boys have always felt a special kinship with 007. Like them, he's a handsome devil with a taste for fine clothes and a way with the ladies. But do they love the new Bond?

Chip: "Daniel Craig is no Roger Moore, that's for sure. Moore surfaced in the media this week with a condemnation of the extreme violence in the new Bond films, stating that his Bond was "a lover and a giggler." That's the kind of Bond I prefer. I go to Bond to learn witty lines which I can employ on the waitresses at Quinton's, and the new Bond disappoints on that level. It doesn't even have hilarious and sexy Bond girl names like Holly Goodhead and Honey Ryder and Pussy Galore and Octopussy."

Richard: "True enough. Remember the classic line in This World is Not Enough when Brosnan's Bond bangs Christmas Jones and says to her, 'I thought Christmas only comes once a year.'"

Chip: "My God, that's witty! If I ever bang a chick named Christmas, I'm totally using that...if she comes more than once!"


Anonymous said...

Well, I was at the Bush Sr. talk today, and not all the Larryville liberals behaved themselves today. I, of course, waited until I was in the parking lot to talk about how I disagreed with his statement that Jeb was a great governor in Florida...

In other news, I got to see George Bush doing an immitation of Dana Carvey doing an impression of him. That may have been the funniest thing I've seen in a while.


a liberal said...

Did anyone attempt to shout him down so loudly that other, more polite liberals escorted them away? (as at the Ann Coulter "show").

Dr. S-- said...

I myself find Sr. fascinating.

Totally a 19th C. president trying to run things as such in the 20th C... and took it up the woohoo chute as a result. They'da gone apef*ck for him in the 1880s!

1980s not so much. And it does scare me to think that Jeb might be the one that comes out of that line as having been the cleanest of them all *shudders*.



You can have em all!

--Make mine Obama!

Anonymous said...

I really love the new BOND treatment. At the same time, I truly miss the days of Ursula Andress et al.

-- Matthew

one of the boys said...

Yeah, I've already forgotten the name of the new Bond girl. And that can't be said for the old Bond girls.

Anonymous said...

Dr. S. makes an interesting point about Bush Sr.

And you boys make an interesting point about whats-her-name from the new Bond movie. Not very memorable, huh?

Ita also made a good point. She thinks Bond must be part cat because he appears to have nine lives.

I just want to add that the Jason Bourne-ness of the movie doesn't bother me, but the needless confusion does, not to mention all the inner turmoil. Bond doesn't need to suffer so (says the girl who really knows nothing about classic Bond movies...)! Casino Royale is just a much cooler movie, in my humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

Beth, I agree: the BOURNE stuff is great (as far as the sequences of man-to-man combat go). As for his suffering -- well, I've been reading some print reviews, and the critics are saying that BOND is (unwisely) following the trend of the "tortured hero" (ref. contemporaries Bourne and Batman). I think the franchise could use some of the old regime's absurdity; and again, some proper Bond Girls would be nice.

-- Matthew

Dr. C said...

I haven't seen the new Bond, and have to say I'm not inclined to. I was impressed with CR, and I have to say that Ms. Green put in a good try to join the ranks of unforgettable Bond girls. But this one just seems too much like just another action movie.

Dr. S-- said...

What is this? A Friggin mutual appreciation society?

Best f*ck this up: I find Matthew (who in hell in Matthew?) unsavoury (Yes, in the British sense. Whatever the hell that means! :))! I find Beth short!

It is good to see Dr. C again... and yet he is a rat bastard! Ok... all the love and hegemony disturbed? Excellent.

I too concur with Dr. C. They went after all the elements of CR that I did not like... It's not a Bond movie in the traditional (or even updated CR sense) vein of a Bond movie. It's Bourne. I don't dig that. Craig's too good for that. Bourne plays towards Damon's limitations. Craig doesn't have those limitations. He is a superlative actor... who just happens top have made some really bad movies.

I'll see it this weekend when I'm not seeing Twilight, but I echo the wife's remarks when she fell asleep halfway through CR's SPiderman sequence and woke up during the poker to say: Is this thing still on (granted I rather enjoyed the poker).

--Make mine Bolt! Where's the Bolt review, Noggle? This place is supposed to embrace fluffy animals and the like!

bolt 3-D said...

Oh, that review is coming! With Bolt and Twilight opening in the same weekend, the boys will have much to laugh about, in fine hipster fashion!...while I drive to KC to see Synecdoche, NY!.

Anonymous said...

True, I am short, but I am also quite sassy.

Dr.S, you know Matthew. You also disagreed with him on such issues as Michelle Pfieffer and Blade Runner. He is not at all unsavoury. He's dreamy.


Dr. S-- said...


That Matthew! Wow, so we have entered the forum of blog cross-pollenation. Dis-turbing. I will still tolerate no further abuse of this mutual admiration.

Though Beth is indeed a sassy camper -- I must find her wrong on generally most things (if only to preserve the sanctity of Richard's Bullshit Space). Dr. C is still Honest Johnson (though also Rat Bastard... and possibly Samurai Ninja: He of the Long Beard).

--Note I make no comment on Kip (just in an effort to mix it up).

PS -- But he is a sackless shit.

PPS -- Damnit!