Monday, November 17, 2008

The Boys Consider "The Voice of This Generation" / Also, the Boys Recommend a New Band! / Plus, Cl.thier Gets Hipper Each Monday!

Rapper Kanye West recently declared himself the "voice of this generation: : "I realize that my place and position in history is that I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade...".

Today the boys examine a few lyrics from the song "Amazing" to see if they agree with the assertion (from West's new album 808's and Heartbreak: it drops next week):

"That's why I'm so goose
Summer time, no juice
Big family, small house no rooms

They like oh god!
why you go so hard?
Look what he's been through
He deserves an applause

so amazing, so amazing, so amazing, it's amazing
so amazing, so amazing, so amazing, it's amazing
so amazing, so amazing, so amazing, it's amazing"

Chip: "Grammatically, this certainly sounds quite similar to the essays that my high-school students write, so perhaps West is not so far off in his assertion."

Richard: "As West works through the hardships of his life, the song ultimately becomes, in the chorus, a Zen-like meditation that finds inspiration amidst life's difficulties. He deserves 'an applause' indeed. The voice of his generation? Well, who's better, I ask you? Maybe Young Jeezy."


At the LC, our readers love stories about music and stories about cute animals. Today let's combine these interests. The boys are officially endorsing a new band called Urban Barnyard, and let's let the Village Voice describe them in a way that sounds exactly like the kind of bullshit we normally make up: Urban Barnyard "only sings songs about animals in the city. Considering this restriction, their oeuvre betrays a remarkable breadth! Their sound ranges from the anthemic to the sentimental...Urban Barnyard's shockingly fascinating songs about the metropolitan crises of the modern non-human animal stand out as epic accomplishments of sensitivity" (Village Voice).

Go ahead, readers, and check them out at

We defy you not to be moved by such tunes as "Baby Pigeon" and "Horseys in the City."


Last Monday, local tunesmith Matt Cl.thier moved from the Yacht Club to Henry's Upstairs for a gig of 'lo-fi bedroom pop.' Tonight he moves from Henry's to the Jazzhaus for a set of 'adult comtemporary, lite-jazz, and neo-soul.' Will next Monday finally take him next door to the Replay for a set of hipster favorites? If so, he better learn some Clash, some Kinks, some Pixies, and some Pavement.


cl.thier said...

Sorry, no Clash. But I could do a triple shot of "Lola" (too popular for the hipsters), "Range Life" (a desperately veiled attempt to get Lawrence's most hipster record label to sign me), then "Here Comes My Man." Take that, hipster crew!

Dr. S-- said...

I would enjoy reading more stories about chicks, hot chicks, hot chicks gringing on each other to Britney Spears "Womaizer" (plus an analysis of the lyrical content taken into context with the girl on girl grinding) and Kip to be replaced by a brave new columnist named Cloth!er who generally just compares everything in relation to his hot wife.

--I reiterate "he could slap her ass and it would sound like freedom!"

the mighty oz said...

I've requested guest columns from Cl.thier before and still await Dr. C's fashion blog!

In the meantime, you all must read about rap, local art, cute animals, and hipsters. These are things that interest me.

Dr. S-- said...


The only answer to this might hafta be Dr. S's Country corner where we document the arrival of the new Doe's Eat Place, the increasing love/ lust growing for GnR and the highest ratio of girls still wearing short shorts in November anywhere short of Florida!

...This is country?

-- There are many things one can love about the Arkies (if we could just get rid of everyone here over 50... except Wayne!)

chinese democracy said...

Actually, that will probably get blogged about here (again) as well.

Surely the GnR release will be the most important day in music history.

Perhaps you'll run into Bubba Clinton himself at the new Doe's. I imagine he'll have to return to visit a new location of his favorite Eat Place.