Saturday, November 8, 2008

Farmer's Ball Finale! / Plus, The Boys' Country Corner (Art and Politics Edition).

Hipsters, don't forget that the final night of the Farmer's Ball is tonight! Is Richard's pick, Transmittens, still in the running? Show up and find out. Let's get drunk and maybe we'll all get lucky and make some sweet hipster love before the night is over (which involves frequent pauses for sips of PBR and one longer break to flip the Pavement record over. Which one? Slanted and Enchanted, of course!).


In a typically bold and baffling lame-duck move, President Bush has appointed country-crooner Mr. Lee Greenwood to a six year position on the National Council of the Arts, in charge of nationwide arts funding. Are the boys happy?

Chip: "People associate Greenwood with patriotic hits like "God Bless the USA," but they forget his edgier material like "Morning Ride." Let's take a look:

I'm gonna take my baby on a mornin' ride
When the sun comes slippin' 'round the mountainside
For an hour, maybe two
Ain't nothin' me and her would rather do
Than see the green grass glist'nin' in the mornin' dew
While the world's still damn spankin' new

I think he may be talking about sex here, although the 'hour' or 'two' reference certainly seems excessive. I believe Greenwood will be a champion of art that people actually enjoy, art that rhymes, art that deals with everyday things that people can relate to, like fucking in the grass. With any luck, he'll once again make art into something we don't need to fear."

Richard: "Greenwood is a good choice, but someone like Toby Keith would have been even better, someone who'd go right out and put a boot in the ass of any artist who isn't being sufficiently pro-American."

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Dana Gioia said...

Holy shit. Lee Greenwood? Oh my dear God. At first I thought, "What a solid piece of Onion-esque journalism from the LC!" A quick Google search revealed to me just the latest sign of the quickly approaching Apocalypse. But hey, "at least I know I'm free."

I quit.