Saturday, November 29, 2008

The LC Begins Its Holiday Coverage! / Plus, the Boys Discuss 'Slow Blogging'!

Like all good Americans, the boys love the Christmas season and hope to bring you a lot of special reports this year in which they take in Larryville's holiday traditions and consider the hottest Christmas gifts (Chip: "I prefer to receive.").

After a brief Thanksgiving sojourn, Richard returned last night in time to witness Larryville's official Christmas kick-off: the annual downtown lighting ceremony and traditional rescue of Santa from the roof of Weaver's Dept. Store via fire-trucks and ladders.

Chip: "This is a typically subversive liberal tradition intended to undermine a child's need to believe that their fantasy figures are infallible. What is the point of teaching kids that Santa is capable of being trapped on a roof like a stoned local hippie? And the tradition itself is actually dangerous. What if he fell? Those kids would be traumatized! When I have a child of my own, you can bet I'll take him or her (hopefully him) to the mall to see Santa, which I believe to be normal and right."

Richard: "I look forward to raising a little liberal son or daughter in Larryville one day and experiencing all the great traditions together, everything from the rescuing of Santa to the first ride on the "T" to the first sip of PBR at the Replay!"

And local traditions continue on the Saturday after Thanksgiving: the "Bizzare Bazaar" at the Arts Center features an array of unusual arts and crafts by local artists.

Chip: "The only thing worse than looking at art is looking at art while the artists are trying to explain and sell it to you like barkers at a carnival."

Richard: "I bought a beer cap with a picture of Jimi Hendrix in it."


Richard: "I recently read a fascinating New York Times piece about the pleasures of 'slow blogging,' a new movement the gist of which is this: slow and careful may yield greater rewards than fast and sloppy."

Chip: "You can't imagine how many times I've heard that same statement from women in a non-blog-related context."

Richard: "That's a sex joke, readers. Welcome back."

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Dr. Candelaria said...

I think you can definitely put me in the slow blogging category.