Monday, November 24, 2008

The Boys Weekend Box-Office Report! / Plus, the LC Takes a Week Off!

Twilight, the tween-vampire romance, opened at #1 with an impressive $70 million this weekend, giving it the highest ever opening-weekend take for a film directed by a woman.

Chip: "Are we supposed to see this stat as a new feminist milestone? Or does the film's story, about a self-described 'helpless and delicious' young girl falling for a brooding vampire who simultaneously wants to bang and bite her, ultimately make it a setback for feminism? These are issues that do not interest me. But who would ever have thought a film about not having sex could be so hot? It's a good film, but ultimately I preferred Bolt, the new movie about the 3-D dog. Adorable."

Richard: "As I've mentioned before, I'm still hard at work on my series of werewolf novels aimed at teenage boys. And I'll tell you right now that there's a lot of wolf-sex in these book. A lot of wolf-sex."


The LC's readers are mostly on vacation this week, so we're taking a week off to work on new material as well as new versions of seasonal favorites. During the holidays, Chip is expected to share his recipe for sugar cookies and Richard will mix up some special 'hipster egg nog' ("The secret ingredient is PBR."). Also, as Christmas approaches, the boys will don their Santa suits for their traditional evening at Quinton's in which they invite the waitresses to sit on their laps (and, unlike Santa, they prefer the naughty ones!). See you next week.

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