Friday, November 14, 2008

The Boys' Book Corner Returns! (combined with a new edition of "Is It Art, or Isn't It?) / Plus, Today's Sports News and Hipster Pick!

An important new work is taking the art world by storm: Kathryn Dun's Beautiful Sheep:

"This beautiful collection of portraits shows sheep as you have never seen them before - polished, preened and styled to perfection prior to competition. The elegance and quirkiness of these adorable champion breeds is captured perfectly in the stunning studio photography by leading fashion photographer, Paul Farnham." (interweb)

Chip: "I don't think I'm wrong in saying that many young men in the South (and south Kansas) will keep an edition of this book under their mattress in the same way that other boys hide Playboys and Hustlers. Myself, I've never been attracted to sheep, but I think this books reveals that they are quite fetching in their way. This is art."

Richard: "Farnham finds a rare beauty in these creatures, but I'm still going with 'not art' on this one. It's really just a bunch of photos of sheep, isn't it?"


In an unexpected development, the woman who has accused KU basketball star Sherron C.llins of exposing himself to her in a campus elevator has suddenly dropped all charges against him. Local conspiracy theorists assume she was paid off. What do the boys think?

Richard: "This is bad news for the LC. We were looking forward to major courtroom coverage of the 'cock case."

Chip: "I've said all along that this was some sort of misunderstanding. The players, who are gods among men, naturally assume that any woman on campus would want to see their dick. Sherron happened to find the one woman who didn't."


An important new local band is slated to emerge onto the scene tonight (opening for Fourth of July at the Taproom, which provides instant hipster cred). They are called California Craisins, and describes them as follows: "The California Craisens are a new folk/psychedelic/surf band comprised of former members of Sick Bird, featuring a hot babe drummer, light doses, sunglasses and weird smiles."

Richard: "First off, if you go, make sure to discuss how Sick Bird was a better band, even if you have no idea what that means. Also, I'm a bit worried because I have no idea what 'light doses' means. Please, could someone explain this to me prior to this show, because I don't want to look foolish in front of my peers."

Chip: "I've never once seen a 'hot babe' in the TapRoom. It's generally full of pale and sickly-looking young women who barely have enough energy to hold their glass of Hamm's on ice."

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Dr. S-- said...

I’d slap her on the ass and it would sound like liberty.

--But is he talking about the girl or the sheep? Stay tuned!