Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week in Education News: Is Liberalism Contagious, or Isn't It? / Plus, The Boys Weekly Box-Office Report! / And Clothier at Henry's, Tonight!

The idea that college professors are indocrinating students with their liberal ideologies is a longstanding one (still quite popular in South Kansas), but a recent study, reported in the the New York Times, suggests that professors' belief systems may actually have little to no effect on students. How do the boys feel?

Richard: "You mean to tell me that my many years of ordering my students to vote Democratic and participate in drag shows and donate their parents' money to 'socialist' causes has all been for naught? This is discouraging."

Chip: "Oh, sure, liberals get to say whatever they want to in class but the one time a conservative like myself jokes about 'Johnson County bitches' in class he's censured. It's a tough world for conservatives."


LC readers are not the only ones who enjoy cute little animals. Madagascar 2 grossed an impressive $63 million in its opening weekend.

Chip: "Adorable, yes, but not enough fart jokes for my taste."

So what movie are the boys most excited about right now? Oddly enough, it's Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York.

Chip: "The title sounds like exactly the kind of elitism that immediately makes most of America feel stupid, and if it opens in my hometown not a single person will see it, but personally I think it's high time someone made a movie about parts of speech. I've had an idea for Verb: The Movie for quite some time now."

Richard: "We hipsters will see this en masse at Liberty Hall and then discuss it at length over coffee at La Prima Tazza. I plan to use the word 'Brechtian' a lot."


Tonight at Henry's, local troubadour Cl.thier will play a set of 'lo-fi bedroom pop" and possibly make use of a Casio for the first time in his performing career to play a Postal Service tune for Chip: "I'll be the fire escape that's bolted to the ancient brick / Where you will sit and contemplate your day."

Chip: "My goodness, that's profound."


cl.thier said...

You forgot the last "lyric" to that Postal Service song: "beep."

Cl.thier thanks the LC for their continued dedication to his stunted music career!

ccr said...

Henry's is a good mellow counterpart to the Yacht Club's rowdiness.

Nice Creedence last night.

dds said...