Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Week in Local Sports News: Kickball Ends and Football Begins!

The summer kickball season ended Sunday, leaving hundreds of local hipsters without anything to do on Sunday afternoons. Other childhood games are now being considered for the fall, with the top contenders being a Hide and Seek league, Red Rover tournament, and "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours" contest.

Chip: "I hope the hipsters hide and we never find them."


After its Orange Bowl-winning season, the KU football team kicks off again this Saturday amid controversies over its new practice fields.

Chip: "I remember when the only reason to go to a football game here was to see all the sweet drunk ass staggering around the parking lot. These days, however, the same thing holds true here for football that has always held true for basketball: it is completely unacceptable to lose a single game, ever!"

Richard: "I've watched so many practices I feel like I've seen all the games already. I plan to go out and play "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours." At Quinton's."


Dr. C said...

I vote for the "show me yours" contest. I always enjoyed that game.

I had a student who was part of that sweet drunk ass wandering around and chipped her tooth trying to climb a fence after a football game. It gave her a very unique smile.

Does Chip have a penis? said...

When does the social consciousness part of this discussion begin (because I want to make sure I understand all the cultural underpinnings of 'King of the Mountain' contests!)?

from today's udk said...

"The [championship] game kicked off after the third-base umpire, dressed in a Winney the Pooh costume, kicked a pregame line drive into the outfield and circled the bases while chugging a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in front of hundreds of cheering fans."

bikini kickball rocks! said...

Perhaps the Women of KU could put together a team next year - that would blow those hipsters' minds!