Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Week in Comedy News! / Plus, Who's Your Favorite Local Character?

Ben Stiller's much-anticipated Tropic Thunder opens tomorrow, and a coalition of disability groups are launching nationwide boycotts and protests against the film, in which Stiller plays a movie star known for his portrayal of a mentally-disabled character called "Simple Jack."

Chip: "This protest is retarded."

Richard: "It's such an infuriating misunderstanding of the very nature of satire. Stiller is condemning Hollywood's gimmicky portrayal of the mentally disabled. What's next? Will our readers believe that we really hate local art?"

Chip: "Well, I do hate local art. Except for tasteful nudes."

Richard: "If I protest a movie this weekend, it's going to be Clone Wars, due to Lucas's continual pillaging of precious childhood memories for profit."


The annual Best of Lawrence competition is underway again and this year's contest has a category called "Best Local Character." The boys feel they have a legitimate shot this year! Can the lovable scamp Chip and the smooth-talking pimp known as Sugar Dick knock off such time-honored favorites as Boog Highb.rger and White Owl! Let's hope so! It's time for a regime change around here! (and we're still disappointed about White Owl postponing the wedding!).

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Dr. C said...

Satire is always at least partly misunderstood. Unfortunately, that's part of its nature. I totally agree you should protest Clone Wars. Hopefully no one will see it.