Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#5 On The Boys' Favorite Places List / Plus, The Boys Administer a "Cultural Evaluation" To A Quintons Waitress!

Readers have been wondering if the boys' dueling lists of favorite local places would overlap at all. Today it does. Clocking in at #5 on both lists is...The Bourgeois Pig!

Richard: "I avoided this place for many years mostly because of the name, which is pretentious. It struck me as the kind of place where, as The Magnetic Fields Stephen Merritt would say, 'I could make a career of being blue--I could dress
in black and read Camus, smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth.'
But the truth of the matter, I eventually learned, is that it's no more pretentious than any other local hipster establishment and it's a step above all other local coffee shops because it also features a full bar (the alcohol helps to dumb the philosophical conversations down a little). While the Pig is rarely a 'destination' bar for me, it's a friendly little pit-stop along the way to the Replay."

Chip: "I like to dress in black and read Camus there."


At the beginning of each semester, the boys tend to drop by Quintons, check out the new crop of ever-evolving waitresses, and quiz them on their cultural interests. It's a tradition that began with Dr. C, who enjoyed asking the ladies about Sonic Youth ("Never heard of it.") and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (huge fans!).

Last night, the boys, after chatting for an hour or so among themselves about their passion for the Olympics (Chip: "Is Phelps the swimmer?"), began their interview of their bubbly brunette server, quickly discovering she was not well-versed in 1950's big-band crooners (neither are the boys) and had no particular interest in the current wave of 'screamo' superstars like Avenged Sevenfold (a nice surprise). Cl.thier, on a pure whim, then asked her about Uncle Tupelo,discovering that, not only did she know them, she knew they had split into Wilco and Son Volt, and had seen Wilco's recent local appearance. Richard and Cl.thier stared at her like she was the proverbial monkey who had managed to type a Shakespeare play! "I'll be here till two if you need anything," she told her quizmasters (with an emphasis on the 'anything' that might have occurred mostly in the imagination of some of the boys). The boys were soon called away to other matters, but Richard vowed to return later in the evening in hopes of "banging her and discussing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, possibly at the same time."


Anonymous said...

But Richard, if mentioned waitress is a college student,she would have been a young high school or perhaps junior high student when this album was released. Do you want to discuss while "banging her" because you think she will have something of value to say? or more because it makes you hot to think of her at age 14? Maybe you are just trying to break her heart.

tweedy said...

I imagine she only discovered said album last week.

how to naked pillow fight loneliness said...

Hey, regardless of when she "found" the album, that doesn't detract from me thinking about her prancing around her sorority house room in her lace thong and camisole, jamming out to "Heavy Metal Drummer"!

being there said...

I'd like to "be there" during that pillow fight!

the drummer she fell in love with said...

My bet is on Richard pulling out his Wilco/Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo shirt for next week's Thursday trip to Q's!

Oh, and Chip likes pickles.