Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Boys List of Things to See and Do This Week!

1) The "Greenpeace Global Warming Tour" rolls into South Park tomorrow afternoon. The LJ-World says: "The tour is powered by the “Rolling Sunlight,” a demonstration and educational vehicle that runs on biodiesel and is equipped with 256square feet of solar panels that supply enough energy to power three homes, concerts and other events."

Chip: "Remember when the word 'tour' suggested something fun?

2) Watch American Mall, the new musical from the folks who brought you High School Musical

Richard: "I've gone on record as saying that any film set largely in a mall is pretty good. Fast Times at Ridgemont High has a lot of mall scenes. Dawn of the Dead. Chopping Mall. I can only assume this film will carry on that proud tradition."

Chip: "I'll need to watch it so that I have something to talk about to my high-school students. I also tell people that this is why I watch The Hills. But there are actually a few other reasons as well. I'd like to climb some of those 'hills,'if you catch my meaning. I'm talking about breasts."

3) Michael Hurley's Replay patio show on Saturday:

Richard: "He's some sort of underground folk singer who's been around for four decades. There's about a 90 percent chance it will suck, but what if it doesn't, and all the cool kids witness something they'll be talking about forever, like that Hardaways' Abbey Road show, or the time Arth.r D.dge played for eight or nine straight hours at the TapRoom before moving to Nashville. It's best to attend these events, just in case."

Chip: "There's a reason why some 'art' is 'underground.' And that's because it's not good enough for those of us who live in a 'mainstream' world and honestly enjoy Applebee's and the songs of John Mayer. I often do karaoke to "Your Body is a Wonderland' down at Rusty's Bar. And sometimes I substitute "MY Body is a Wonderland," and everyone gasps, because it's fucking clever."

4) Go see Vickie Christina Barcelona

Sure, it's a disappointing PG-13, but you still want to see Scarlett J make out with Penelope Cruz, don't you? Well, don't you?!

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John Mayer gets MUCH laid said...

I think my name says it all!

Plus, he does do some MEAN blues jams and hangs around with Dave Chappelle! That thing he did for TMZ was pretty impressive too. I'm ok with Mayer.

Any guy that can outwardly appear to be such a tool and bang so much lay with so fine a cadre of ladies... wellsir, that John Mayer is OK by me!

--But Applebee's, like Kip, sucks serious Donkeycord