Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Boys Pick Their Top Ten Favorite Places in Larryville: Number 10

In this important new series, the boys consider why they love certain places in Larryville. The list is presented in no particular order, except for item #1 (and even the most casual readers surely already know both Richard and Chip's favorite places).

Richard's #10: Liberty Hall

"The novelty of watching a movie and having a beer never wears off. Sure, the sound quality in the big auditorium is the equivalent of an old 8-track tape and movies arrive weeks after they've played the KC art-houses and anything that makes money at all gets kept forever even if it sucks(I think My Big Fat Greek Wedding may STILL be playing!), but did I mention you can drink a beer there? Also, 2-for-1 movie night on Tuesday is a local phenomenon among cheap hipsters. And it's a nice venue for concerts. And you can drink a beer."

Chip says: "Never been there."

Chip's #10: Potter Lake

"After a long day on campus being chastised for my use of sarcasm, Potter Lake is a nice spot to sit on a bench and think about Truth and Beauty and look at sorority asses as they pass by. Many goalposts have been submerged in this lake after important victories, and I like to sit here and think about how much I hate K-State and Missouri, even though Newsweek's new poll on college rivalries sees fit to neglect them both. Do they really think Harvard hates Yale more than I hate those illiterate no-toothed purple K-State Country Stampeding redneck assholes. Fuck that. I hate them so much it hurts."

Richard says: "I once followed the drunken fans to Potter Lake to watch some goalposts get dunked and I didn't see a single naked girl diving in. Just dudes. Why is it always the dudes who get naked during sports mania?"

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