Friday, August 29, 2008

The T Needs a Mascot! / Plus, "Is It Art, Or Isn't It?"

In an effort to rejuvenate their transit system, Kansas City recently adopted a new mascot: a sort of stoned-looking, hoodie-wearing "gangsta" frog named Seymour Green:

While the mascot has drawn criticism from some circles (mainly because of the cracked sidewalks in the photo), the image is drawing attention to the system. Larryville is expected to follow suit very soon with a mascot of their own, possibly Jerry Jayhawk, a staggering, drunken hobo clutching a brown bag with a PBR in it.


The boys always enjoy a good art opening (Richard is still raving about his visit to the Percolater last week, where he saw a bunch of cloud paintings, with a keyboard player out front performing odes to clouds under the moonlight). Tonight at the Arts Center brings yet another new exhibition. It's called "Bears, Beasts, Bodies, and Boats."

Chip: "I'm declaring it 'not art' based on the title alone. Alliteration is so over. I admit, however, that I'm a little intrigued by the 'bodies' part. This might contain some tasteful nudes, which I like."

Richard: "I'm all about the bears, beasts, and bodies, but the boats sound as dull as clouds. I'm declaring this '3/4' art. Unless of course there are bears and beasts and bodies on the boats, in which case this will be very fine art indeed."


son of a son of a sailor said...

Hmmm...sounds like the carnie version of Jimmy Buffett's boxed set - "Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads." Color me skeptical.

a pirate looks at 35 said...

Agreed. We're all better off at the Yacht Club tonight!

Now let's see if Cl.thier will break out the Buffett for an old-fashioned drunken sing-a-long of "Pencil Thin Moustache!"

The Sheik of Araby said...

A challenge? En guard!