Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yet Another Episode of "Is It Art, Or Isn't It? / Plus, Chip Issues a Public Service Announcement! / And the Boys Pick Their #2 Favorite Place!

It's a busy weekend for local art. Tonight, at DotDotDot Artspace (in the Haskell strip mall, near the porno store) is the opening of artist Whit Bones' exhibition called "Overcoming the Fears that Overcome Us." Bones says: "This installation wont be your standard art show. The space will be the work of art. The way you walk through it and interact with it will tell the story. Each person will have a different experience. We are't going to do all the work for the viewer. Things wont be labeled "art", there will be more searching involved." Bones goes on to say: "Rope has entered my work as a binding agent."

Chip: "What's this 'Things won't be labeled as art' shit.' Give me a break. If you've got art to show me, at least tell me where it's at, so I can look at it, and possibly deride it. And he's just now discovered that rope is a 'binding agent?' We've known this on the farm for years. My verdict: not art."

Richard: "I hate to side with Chip two days in a row, but I'm a little worried about this new local trend toward 'touchy-feely' art. This show's title sounds like a Dr. Phil episode. I want my local art to shake me up and disturb me, not make me feel better about myself. Not art."


Chip's Public Service Announcement: "Readers, it's come to my attention that Larryville is hosting a "downtown busker festival" this weekend. The need to invite more aimless hobos to a town that's already full of them boggles my mind, but I understand that many citizens are entertained by their 'antics' as they juggle various household objects and pretend to 'eat fire.' Watch them if you must, but don't forget that most of these folks are dangerous grifters who might well pick your pocket after their shows or even lure you down a dark alley and knife you, just for kicks. Do not invite them into your home and try not to make direct eye contact with them, and you should be fine."


Today we reach #2 on a list where #1 is practically a foregone conclusion.

Chip's #2 pick...Henry's Upstairs:

Chip: "Growing up in Forttt Scottt, I never had a chance to hang around smart girls. So it was a surprise to me when I moved to Larryville and learned that many college women actually read books and have opinions. I admit, I was a little startled. Henry's Upstairs, I think, is the 'smart women's' bar, and when I first ventured in I discovered that some smart women are also hot enough to fuck. This was a revelation! While I personally still prefer the kind of gals who frequent Larryville's frat-tastic bars, it's also interesting to hang out at Henry's and eavesdrop on women discussing Fellini films and existentialism. Of course, I have no idea what they're talking about, but it still gives me a boner. Henry's seems to be a very international bar, more diverse than the usual Johnson County crowds, and this too is a nice change. I'm hot for Asians."

Richard: "I try hard to like Henry's, and I do, at times, such as when the hot Spanish GTA's are there, but I tend to get bored there pretty quickly at other times. I think I prefer Henry T's on 6th Street."

Richard's #2 pick...Jayhawk Boulevard:

Richard: "Allow me to quote Woodson, from Dazed and Confused: 'I get older, they stay the same age.'"

Chip: "Can I change my pick for #2?"


Shannon said...

1. What the f is the freakshow now occurring en mass in my beloved downtown Lawrence?
2. Why are the freshmen all idiots who don't understand how to drive in Lawrence?

a busker said...

Are you in Larryville and not partying with me?!

Shannon said...

was in larryville--came to get hair cut, pit stop at my favorite vintage store, back in time to be lame on a saturday night

technically, since you are responding to my comments, I'm guessing that said partying is not happening in your neck of the woods either

partying said...

Well, I did see some very flexible lady buskers performing aerial feats above the Arts Center. To me, that's a party!

randall "pink" floyd said...

While Wooderson statement is dead accurate in terms of the veritable Horn of Plenty that is Mt. Oread, what he didn't take into account were the ever-evolving fashion trends. It seems this year's crop of Jayhawk freshmen are out to put the meaning of "shorts" to the test, and I say more power (and less fabric) to 'em!