Monday, August 25, 2008

The Boys Offer Their Picks for the Fall TV Season

The boys love the Olympics, the political conventions, and U.S. Open Tennis (Chip only), but nothing makes them happier than a new slate of fall television shows! What do they anticipate the most this season?

Chip: "At the top of my list is the Beverly Hills 90210 remake. I understand they've made it more 'multi-cultural' this time by adding a half-Jewish character and an Iranian character, and I personally can't relate, being from Forttt Scottt, where everyone is white and is really pretty comfortable with being white, all things considered. Still, if I learn half as much about life and love from the new version as I did from the old version, I'll be a very happy and well-adjusted young man."

Richard: "After a summer of hearing about the Twilight-series vampires, which are loved by tween girls, I'm ready for some sexed-up HBO style vampires on True Blood, which is about a bunch of 'fangbangers' who like to fuck vampires because the sex is super-hot and the show takes place in an alternate reality where vampires are 'out and proud' in public because a synthetic blood has been developed. I can't make this shit up, folks!"

Chip and Richard are both equally anticipating a new game show called Hole in the Wall, in which (according to TV Guide) "contestants have mere seconds to bend their bodies to fit through oddly shaped holes in a wall that is rushing at them, ready to drag them into a pool of water." No jokes necessary for this one. It's obviously going to be awesome!


Anonymous said...

I figured this "hole in the wall" business would have something to do with Kip's great search for a Glory Hole in Fortttttttt Scottttttttt!

senator tankerbell said...

"Behind the first hole was my wife, behind the second hole was my daughter, and behind the third hole was a milking machine that don't let go 'till it gets 50 GALLONS!" HAHAHAHA! Gentlemen, I propose that this Arts Funding is like a milking machine, and unless we shut it down it's gonna whip our dicks right off!

ray pruitt said...

Not to call out Chip's knowledge of 90210, but I'm pretty sure both David Silver and Andrea Zuckerman were Jewish...and not any of this "half-Jewish" crap, but out and proud Jews.

Now, what's truly shocking is that Beverly Hills isn't even IN the 90210 zip code - it's actually 90212. How am I supposed to suspend my disbelief now???

Oh, and damn...

nog said...

I've never seen a full episode of the original.

Also: I've never watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

aaron spelling said...

Jesus, Noggle, and you call yourself fit to comment on popular culture?!?!

Check out The Soap Channel and FX for reruns.

(Next, you're going to ask me Back to the Future-esque, "What's a rerun?)

(Next, you're going to ask me, "What's Back to the Future?")