Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Boys Learn of a Different Kind of Quest

For a long while now the boys have been engaged in a long (and sometimes perilous: remember the Jet Lag?) journey to experience the best bars that Larryville has to offer. They feel their quest is both important and noble. On a recent evening at Free State, however, they encountered a fellow on an even more ambitious journey, walking from coast to coast and "talking about us" (which is the name of his website: / Check him out!). Here are his goals:

So I decided to take a little stroll out amongst my peers with several goals in mind.

I wanted to gain exposure for the general concept of "talking about us"---about how the human being tends to function---as something that is vital for us to do with each other, and I also wanted to encourage everyone to help me build something at this web address that was both an example of and a stimulus for just such a conversation.

I wanted to meet a wide variety of people face to face in the most honest straightforward way I could think of.

I wanted to talk with them, in their hundreds, specifically about what keeps humanity stuck in the old cycles I've mentioned, and immerse myself in the perspectives and feedback they had to offer.

Richard: "This makes our journey feel a little paltry by comparison, don't you think, Chip?"

Chip: "I've always been scared by idealism, by this hippie notion that the world can 'improve.' But hopefully he'll get to see some good bars along his route. He made a mistake, however, by not going to Quinton's. True, the clientele there might not have been as receptive to his notions, but they're a hell of a lot prettier than the folks at Free State."


I will leave Larry smoldering in my wake said...

I will burninate him and his his hippie ideals when I burninate the Replay and the rest of all the Hippie haunts of Lawrence.

walking man said...

People who say they wanna "talk about us" pretty much wanna "talk about me"

He's hoping to impose himself on the entire nation and make us listen to his dumb boring stories

burning man said...

I think he's sort of like Forrest Gump, but he walks instead of runs.