Friday, August 15, 2008

The Boys Weekend Book Club: Intercourse!

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler resurfaces on the literary scene this week with a new book called Intercourse, consisting of short vignettes describing sex acts between historical and fictional characters, ranging from Adam and Eve to Bonnie and Clyde to the's to the Cl.nton's to Santa Claus banging an elf.

Inspired, the boys have begun work on a similar book recounting the real and imagined sexploits of various Larryville personalities, including: local college football coach and spouse (a scene both fleshy and sensual!); controversial local college sex teacher D.D (wild and kinky or surprisingly conventional?); the sweet little-old-lady lesbians at the Replay (enjoy that mental image, dear readers!); Richard and that brunette from Q's (reverse cowgirl? enjoy that mental image too...I know I do!); Chip and his left hand ("Sometimes I give Little Miss Righty a break"); and, of course, White Owl and his young coed lover (afterwards, they perform funny dances). The book is expected to be as popular as it is disgusting. Will it win a Pulitzer? Stay tuned.

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strangers with candy said...

I believe that in certain circles, the left hand technique involving Chip is also known as The Stranger. A more advanced version of the move involves putting the hand to sleep first.