Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Boys's Favorite Places: #8 / Plus, Larryville's Got Kickball Fever!

Checking in at #8 on the list: Free State Brewery (Richard) and Red Lyon (Kip)

Free State Brewery:

Richard: "As anyone knows who has lived here for any amount of time, Free State is our most beloved dining institution, the place where you take your out-of-town guests and impress them with bits of trivia about the place ("When it opened, it was the first legal brewery in Kansas in over 100 years!"). Locals flock here for the cheap Monday night beer special and debate the merits of each new microbrew, anticipating the various "seasonal" beers the way that Chip anticipates the hiring of each new waitress at Quinton's. Free State sells large "growlers" so that you can take home your favorite beer and pretend to your friends that you drink nothing else besides Hop Picker Ale, even though you secretly believe that Coors Light tastes better."

Chip: "My love for Cyclist (1 part beer and 3 parts lemonade) is well-documented here, but it's outweighed by my suspicion of the granola-looking fuckers that inhabit the patio year-round. I fear they're plotting something, and that one day they'll manage to remember that plot come morning."

Red Lyon:

Chip: "There comes a time in a college guy's life, usually around Senior year, when he wakes up and thinks, 'You know, maybe tonight I'll skip my usual eight shots of Jaegermeister and instead drink a bunch of beers that cost 4.50 each and do a couple of Irish car bombs.' When that night comes, the young man goes to the Lyon. Basically, the Lyon is like a Quinton's for people in their mid-to-late twenties, but without the hot waitresses. During the World Cup and St. Patrick's Day, it's to be avoided at all costs due to large numbers of stupid people, but the Lyon has been known to let me watch tennis in there at other times of the year, whereas other bars have made disparaging comments about my sexuality when I make that request. Also, they have popcorn and hot sauce, which is kind of delicious."

Richard: "Would it kill them to have a fucking beer special?"


At venues all over town tonight, the summer kickball play-offs begin, and the Chronicles want to officially sponsor the East-Enders (two of whom faithfully read this blog!) Good luck Rev. and Tosser! May the Force (of PBR) be with you!


hop picker said...

In all seriousness, I don't think I've ever read a more spot-on description of the Free State (which, by the way, is on my cell phone contact list, to give you a sense of my love for the know it used to be a trolley garage?).

john brown ale said...

Thanks! I enjoy their black bean quesadillas!

Dr. C said...

Although generally a fan of Free State, I did once get a really foul glass of oatmeal stout here once. It didn't just taste bad--it attacked my digestion. I burped and farted stout for a week!