Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sexy Album Cover of the Week: Handsome Furs' Sound Kapital / Final Fridays Coverage / We Congratulate the ADD-Correspondent Contest Winners

We're excited that the new Handsome Furs' album Sound Kapital (out next week) is written entirely on synths. But we're even more excited about the album's sexy cover, which we find a nice change from the usual artsy or twee photos or drawings that adorn so many hipster album covers. Check it out:

This is NOT the band's singer Alexie Perry (whom we'd also like to see naked), but it's certainly enough to convince Chip to head to Love Garden next week and drool all over the vinyl.

And what about the music. A review from offers a mostly positive take while leveling this critique:

"The only thing the Handsome Furs leave unexplored is the inherent irony in railing against nostalgia using instrumentation and arrangements heavily borrowed from the ’80s."

Richard: "The reviewer seems to miss the point. Obviously, they are deliberately using the very techniques of their nostalgic oppressors to interrogate and critique said nostalgia."

Behold, the Handsome Furs:


We've been big fans of Aaron Stork and his wizard art since at least 2008, when we read an interview full of statements such as:

"I came up with a character named Salad Man, who’s covered in trash like an idiot or a sort of American clown. He represented all of the contradictions and weird, fucked up things America does like in Iraq."

Will Salad Man make an appearance at Stork's Wizard Porch and Garden opening at the Arts Center on Friday? Let's hope so.


Scenesters across Larryville last night surely downloaded the BARRR/Chip ADD podcast and settled in for 40 minutes of hilarity to discover the results of the ADD-correspondent contest. Did any of you suspect that BARRR would be willing to share the spotlight with not one but FOUR different correspondents who will surely cover a wide array of Larryville culture (from Hobbs Park to the Replay Lounge)? It's true. We'd like to congratulate Tyler Waugh (and his editor @oxfordist), Tweetnasty, Tim Dwyer, and @oliphants and we hope to see them all "on the street" soon for ADD.

They are all welcome to write pieces for us as well (as are the rest of you readers! we'd love to make this blog more collaborative, and we KNOW most of you are snarky enough to help us out: get in touch if interested).

If you haven't yet heard the podcast, download it now over at .

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