Friday, June 10, 2011

Pitchfork Reviews Hospital Ships / Tweetnasty Applies for the BARRR Podcast Position

Let's not kid ourselves: we've all been a bit worried about how Pitchfork would review the new Hospital Ships' album Lonely Twin. Would they give it a Vice Magazine-style slamming that makes us all question our love of the record? Or would they heap career-making praise upon it?

Well, the results are in, and Pitchfork approves. Their verdict: a solid 7.0.

However, we're not fond of the implication that Larryville is lagging behind in hipster culture:

"On his MySpace page, Jordan Geiger gently razzes the indie press bio form, noting, "I only record in REMOTE CABINS in the WINTER in BROOKLYN with a CANADIAN COLLECTIVE as my backing band. I have overcome MANY TRAGEDIES! My PARENTS are FAMOUS!" Tongue-in-cheek and perhaps a little too 2008..." (Pitchfork).

Come on, Pitchfork. It's true that our unceasing fixation on kickball and lack of food trucks keeps us a little behind the times, but we're completely up to date in terms of our listening preferences. And you're the ones quoting Myspace, for fuck's sake! Not us.

Read the full review here


The submissions are rolling in (trickling, actually) for BARRR's ADD-correspondent contest. We begin with this one from occasional LC advice columnist Tweetnasty:

"I had to look at quite a bit of Barrr's twitter feed to find the info for this thing so you know I'm serious. I think ADD would benefit from a *lady* on the street. Hey, why are you laughing? I'm a lady. I spend a lot of time on streets, so I feel this would suit me well. Barr and I share a love for so many things but we could also clash in interesting and hilarious ways. For instance, we both really like the sound of our own voice, the way his wife looks in a swimsuit, and cocaine. He likes to make fun of me, and that's okay! I think my track record speaks for itself. I have lots of Twitter followers from all over the world, and have written TWO advice column blogs for Larryville Life that are awesome and full of boner jokes. I can talk about vaginas, too. Don't worry. Oh, art and music are cool. Like Lady Gaga, right? I was trying to wait until others entered so I could blow them out of the water, but I decided to set the BARRR (see what I did there?) low. May the best man/lady/tranny win!"

Our thoughts:

Notice how Tweetnasty begins with a subtle dig at BARRR, whose instructions for this contest HAVE been a bit confusing (which we assume is all part of his master plan). She's obviously not afraid to spar with him, and that's a good sign. As she points out, her female perspective is probably her best selling point for this job. Obviously, our own blog and many of BARRR's podcasts are essentially "boys-clubs," so her frank, female-centric discussions of sex are likely to expand the demographic beyond the usual circle-jerk.

Verdict: She's a strong candidate.

Rumor is that we'll soon be seeing a video application from Team Bear Club member and man-on-the-scene Tyler Waugh. Stay tuned!

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