Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Art Blog: Live Painting, Consumer Foreplay, and the New Biemer's Sign / Kickstarter Campaign of the Week: Mammoth Life EP

It's International Yarnbombing Day and we're knitting a large SHOUT PEACE blanket that we'll drape over various locations throughout the day. Here's a handy explanation of this important celebration for those who aren't in the know:

"...their weapon is wool and their goal is to enhance cities with their creations rather than destroy...on Saturday, June 11th this global network of "graffiti knitters" will target objects in local areas that they want to enhance with their handiwork, as part of the first International Yarnbombing Day" (

We hope to see the work of you local yarnbombers throughout town today!

While we're on the subject of art, let's take a look at a few other artistic endeavors in the area.

Last night at the Replay matinee, this guy painted a large work with BB King written on it while the Brody Buster Band played three feet away. Perhaps the artist was so stoned that he actually believed he was listening to BB King. If so, he was very stoned indeed.

Our pick for the best piece in KC right now goes to David Watne's "Consumer Foreplay" at Studios Inc. Exhibition Space:

"The exhibit’s title piece, “Consumer Foreplay"... is a masterpiece of fetishism. For this glorious rococo sculpture, Watne cut and sewed elongated swaths of different colored leathers that simulate giant designer handbags, from which emerge hand-carved legs and arms groping themselves. Attached are beads, hosiery, hair and butterflies in a titillating tangle of the crassest of materialism."

Richard: "In its explicit sexual merging of the physical and material worlds, this piece has a wonderfully Cronenbergian element that intrigues me greatly."

Chip: "I've rarely been so aroused by handbags."

Read more about the piece here and click the photo to enlarge and peruse the piece.

Finally, the continuing series of sexual-innuendo signs at Biemer's in Larryville has become a work of art in itself. Remember "We Rub Our Meat Daily?" Chip is still laughing about that one.

Their new one ("Get R Sauce On Your Face") is the most graphic yet:

Our feminist readers: "Who's running this fucking restaurant anyway? Why not just accompany the sign with a video billboard of pornographic 'facials?'"

Chip: "That's probably the best idea you ladies have had yet!"


Scenesters, we know you recently invested some of your hard-earned beer money in The Spook Lights' Kickstarter campaign to fund their new film (which is perhaps filming as we speak, and no doubt full of naked people).

But if you've got a bit of cash left over, consider helping out our Twitter-buddies in Mammoth Life as they finish up work on their Rock and Roll Kids EP. They're a duo these days and still the snazziest uniformed cats in town. They were kind enough to give us a "sneak listen" to the tracks, which we can assure you are catchy summertime jams perfect for shotgunning a PBR or two on your patio and which we'll be reviewing in full at some point prior to their July 28th release-party at the Jackpot.

Chip: "Since when are we actual music critics?"

Richard: "Since people started sending us free shit, man!"

Go here to help them out and score sweet prizes based on your generosity levels.

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