Thursday, June 9, 2011

BARRR's ADD Correspondent Contest is Extended / Video Game of the Week: Hipster City Cycle / Local Missed Connections: Call and Response

Having realized that local scenesters can't possibly produce a full paragraph in three days' time, BARRR has kindly extended his ADD-podcast correspondent application deadline one more week. Don't pass up this chance to become a local taste-maker. All you have to do is write a paragraph explaining why you're right for the job and submit it in the comments section below for our evaluation (or get in touch via Twitter with @BARRR if you're submitting a more ambitious application involving Youtube videos and such). We're told that occasional LC advice columnist Tweetnasty is hard at work on her entry, and we hope to post it here soon. Good luck!


We've gone on record many times in stating that video games are unhip (Richard: "Why should I play LA Noire when I can just re-watch Chinatown or LA Confidential?"). But perhaps the new Hipster City Cycle game will change our minds:

"The game stars Binky, who is just starting his rise to bohemian-bike-god status in the mean streets of Philadelphia. The problem? He has a good job, lives in a decent neighborhood, and has a sizable trust fund. To get rid of all traces of his middle-class bourgeois existence he must run races, throw elaborate parties (with their own Facebook invite pages with, of course, a few fans "maybe attending"), and buy new bike parts. Lose enough money, and he can unlock a crappier (see: more "real") part of town to live in. Most of the charm of Hipster City Cycle comes from the presentation: the way it apes an 8-bit retro aesthetic to sketch out South Philly; the light, catchy chiptunes by Animal Style; the loading screen with pixel-art hipsters extolling their varied views; the various jobs Binky takes while he climbs down the social ladder. The game's tongue is firmly in its cheek" ( via Pitchfork).

Chip: "They had me at chiptunes. This is the best game I've played since Ms. Pac Man."

Play the game here .


We think it's safe to assume that most Missed Connections on Craigslist are merely a desperate and horny and unanswered shout into the interweb void ("I saw you somewhere doing something and really wanted to fuck you.").

But Larryville is small enough that a call-and-response sometimes emerges. Here are two recent examples.

Someone posted these two observations on a certain Replay doorman:

"Cute door man with mohawk at the replay, I was checking you out, not sure if you like guys or my type."

"I would just like to reiterate that the man with the mohawk who works at the replay is a fox. Annnnd the replay is the best bar evver."

Soon the doorman appeared on Craigslist to respond:

"This is the mohawked doorguy from the Replay.
For the record, I heart vagina and have all the penis I need.
Thank you."

Even more amusing is this one, from Hastings' clerk Chadwyck, who is responding to this prior post: "You have a very cool name and it starts with a C. You were very nice to me when ringing up my movies, I was the one in the green shirt. Email me with what I rented so I know it's you. From what I hear you also have a large... lol!"

Chadwyck writes:
"And finally, we reach the topic of what you've heard about me. It's true, I do have a large... action figure collection!... if that wasn't what you were referring to, then I really have no idea what you're talking about, but I will say that rumors of me having anything else that's large, probably aren't exaggerated. I take pride in all of my collections, after all."

Chip: "Great. Now every time I rent a movie from Hastings I'm going to be wondering about Chadwyck's weiner *."

*Our use of the word "weiner" today is lovingly dedicated to Congressman Anthony Weiner and his right to tweet that weiner however he wishes.

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OMG, I don't think I can ever shop at Hastings again.