Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Larryville's Up The Academy / Pitchfork Reviews Woods' Sea and Shade / Another Application for BARRR's Podcast / Summer Fashion

When local rock-critic King Tosser first witnessed Up the Academy at the recent Spring Into Summer festival, he immediately deemed them the "second best band in Larryville." The first, of course, was Rooftop Vigilantes. But now that the Vigilantes are (presumably?) on hiatus, with Oscar serving food-truck tacos in Brooklyn, Up the Academy can claim that number one spot!

You can see them early tonight at a special "Flag Day" show at Love Garden (see flier in sidebar). And how do we celebrate Flag Day in Lawrence? Apparently with free PB&J sandwiches and sweet tea! Personally, we prefer PBR with our PB&J, of course, and we imagine there will be plenty of that on hand as well. We had occasion to chat briefly with an Academy member at the Replay on Sunday, and he mused on how the Love Garden gig would pan out: "We play loud."

Look for us near the back, briefly, until Chip is frightened away.

If they have much of an interweb presence, we can't find it, and that only makes them hipper.


Our favorite Pitchfork reviews are the ones that drift further and further into other (preferably somewhat obscure) musical comparisons. Here are a few bits from Pitchfork's recent 7.9 review of Woods' Sun and Shade:

"Out of the Eye" is a Krautrock homage constructed from the basic ingredients of Neu!'s "Hallogallo", but slowed down by a third and with a Middle Eastern tinge in the guitars."

"...here the basic model is the pastoral psych of Popol Vuh from the middle of that decade."

Woods will be rocking at St. Cecilia's R.C. Church during the Northside Festival in Brooklyn this Friday (Catholic hipsters, eh?). Captain Chanute, please go see them and report back on how strong that Popol Vuh-influence really is in their work.


Tyler Waugh is "reppin" Larryville, Team Bear Club, ADD, and kickball in his application for BARRR's ADD-correspondent position (edited by @oxfordist ). He's got some sweet dance moves, is proficient in the use of Myspace, and seems to enjoy barbecue. This self-described "go-getter" and "young professional" is yet another strong candidate, and we predict his goofy/sweet persona would play well in a "man on the street" setting. Between Tyler and Tweetnasty, BARRR's got a tough choice to make. And you readers only have a few days left to submit applications (written or videos). Get to work. Contest ends Friday.

Watch Tyler's video here


We didn't make it to KC's huge West 18th Street Fashion Show event this weekend, but here's a look we predict will really catch on this summer (photo from the Pitch, which offers a nice slideshow):

Larryville, please organize a preposterous outdoor fashion event, ASAP!

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ishmael mizrahi said...

The flip-flops are a nice (and by "nice," I mean lazy) touch to the demonic Viking look.