Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wayne Coyne Sells Gummy Fetuses at Love Garden / Sunday Kickball Corner

Word spread like a scenester wildfire yesterday afternoon that Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne would be holding court at Love Garden last night selling "gummy skulls" and "gummy fetuses" which contain a flash drive with new songs inside them (how many licks DOES it take to get to the music in a gummy skull?).

This tweet from Wayne presents the event as if it's all perfectly natural:

@waynecoyne: Heading up to @LoveGardenSound in #Lawrence #Kansas to deliver some Gummy Fetuses!!

So how many delicious gummy fetuses did we purchase?

Chip: "None. I haven't really cared for their work since 'She Don't Use Jelly.'"

Richard: "Five. One to eat immediately and four others to sit atop each of the four stereos during my annual Zareeka party.

We arrived just in time to see I Heart Local Music conducting an interview:

Go here to watch that interview and get a peek at Wayne Coyne's underwear.


It's Sunday, so let's turn to Coach Billy Gay Cyrus for some weekly kickball analysis. Here's his take on the Brew Ballers/Red Lyon game:

"In the end, I see Red Lyon getting their third win of the season, especially since Nick Lerner busted his “Boo The Bunt” campaign with a bunt earlier this season. I’m starting a “Heckle the Haters” campaign—the bunt sucks, but it’s a useful tool for teams that don’t have an army of big kicks (and a useful tool for teams with big kicks, that want to fuck with you). It’s especially nice for new players who want to get on base, and are still working out the awkwardness of kicking a KVKL kickball. Bunting is no fun to watch, but never reaching first base is worse for the player. In the end, the bunt is part of the game, just like the ridiculous Ground Rule Double and the absence of an Infield Fly Rule. Red Lyon > Brew Ballers; Bunting > Lerner."

Chip: "I'd rather die than bunt a kickball. But keep in mind I don't understand this game. I play games for adults."

The direct link to the KVKL blog is in our sidebar and it's always a fun read. Check it out.

As for us, we'll be at the Replay watching Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Somebody BETTER bust something up with an ax on stage at some point.

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