Monday, June 27, 2011

Super-Scenester Pick of the Day: R. Stevie Moore at Jackpot/ A Rare Peek Inside Tonic On Mass. Street / Missed Connection of the Week

There's a super-scenester show tonight at the Jackpot, billed on their calendar as "R. Stevie Moore" (the legend)," a man who has released "400 albums to cassette and CD (albums, not songs)...through his DIY home-based distro" (read the Pitchweekly piece here ). Moore has collaborated with the likes of Ariel Pink and Mike Watt and has an 8.0 Pitchfork endorsement for 2004's Conscientious Objector. If you're not convinced to attend this show at some point during this long excerpt, you're probably not very hip:

"The range of music on Conscientious Objector is staggering, from Moore's "cover" of the 1956 exotica tune "Monitor" to the gentle, guitar and vocal showcase "Take Back" to the trippy drum 'n' bass of "Yung & Moore Show (Theme 1)" to the lazy alt-country of "Social Studies Buddies" to the hi-speed, dreamy IDM of "Name Tag the Entertainer Take 12" to the bizarre collaboration with Paw Tracks' Ariel Pink on "What Else Am I Not Supposed to Do?" to the Tom Waits-ish reading of "Hot Cakes and Sausage" to the breezy electro-bossa on "Divorce Court" to a Bell Labs text-to-speech reading of all of his song titles on "A to Z" to the freak-folkish lament "Big Ben (Bridge Collapse Kills 300 Toddlers) by Spandek" to the bizarre, hazy cover of 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny" to his a cappella "Swans" to the synthesizer explosion of "Judson Fountain of Wayne Wayne"" (Pitchfork).

Here's our scenester advice for this show. Even if you've never heard of R. Stevie Moore prior to the buzz for this show (which is likely), pretend to own at least 300 of his albums, because chances are the other scenesters in attendance know next to nothing as well, and you can impress them so much they might buy you a PBR.


Scenesters, do you ever find yourself wandering past Tonic on Mass. Street late at night, listening to the throbbing beat emanating from within its mysterious dark interior, and thinking to yourself, "WHAT. THE. FUCK?"

We do. But thanks to a new slideshow at , you can get a peek at Tonic's recent "Hydration Party," which included "a mermaid tank, misters, surfers and leis." Let's take a look at a few photos:

Instead of "Spot the Scenesters," let's play a round of "name those bros." We'll buy you a Jager shot for each one. And an extra shot if you know that old dude. Is he a famous local character, or just a fellow who wandered in because he heard this was the best place on Mass. to chase young pussy? (Chip: "Apparently he heard wrong.").


Here's a short missive from Larryville's Craigslist "Missed Connections" addressed to "the girl at Henry's with the ice-blue eyes - m4w" :

"More of a cosmic miss, I suppose :) I enjoy our banter while you're making my coffee and the natural magnetism. Is it mutual?

I hope your pup is feeling less swollen today!"

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