Monday, June 20, 2011

Replay Photo of the Week / Pitchfork Reviews Bon Iver, Bon Iver / BARRR Plans a Press Conference to Announce the ADD Correspondent Winner

We're fond of this photo we took at last night's show, in which three scenester cowboys take their seat directly in front of the opening act, Granny Tweed, and proceed to rock out.

Actually, those cowboy-hatted gents were the next band, Tinhorn Molly (as you might guess because the lead singer is wearing a Tinhorn Molly shirt).

Two highlights from the evening:

1) Tinhorn Molly delighted us all with "Cornbread Suite in A Major."

Chip: "If more composers would write 'cornbread suites,' I might just listen to classical music."

2) Granny Tweed, plagued by technical difficulties most of the evening, closed with a perfect cover of Dead Milkmen's "I Against Osbourne," ("I am sorry yes I am I do not talk to strangers ma'am!"), making us wish we'd stuck around for Joe Jack Talcum's set last Thursday and possibly heard the song played by a Milkman himself.


We keep thinking Pitchfork is bound to turn against the onslaught of sensitive, bearded folkies at some point, but the new Fleet Foxes record earned high marks and so, today, does the new album by Bon Iver (titled Bon Iver, Bon Iver). In fact, it scores a shockingly high 9.5.

Let's see why Pitchfork loves the album so much.

"...there's an uncanny moment on the breathtaking "Michicant"... where a bicycle bell rings twice..." (Pitchfork).

"The structure is flawless right up to its conclusion, "Beth/Rest", which has been much remarked upon for its unabashed and unironic embrace of 80s adult contemporary pop sounds. If you've spent any time in the vicinity of a radio tuned to light rock, you hear the keyboard tone that opens the song and you think Lionel Richie, Richard Marx, and "No One Is to Blame". It's almost naive of Vernon to think he could pull this off. Yet, heard in context, it stands as one the record's bravest and most deftly executed moments-- not just because it lays bare Vernon's stated admiration for artists like Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Hornsby, but because it's executed to perfection"

Richard: "Just because one CAN sound like Richard Marx, doesn't mean that one SHOULD sound like Richard Marx."

Chip: "I'd rather just listen to my Richard Marx albums."

We'll see you at Love Garden tomorrow as we all purchase our copies (since anything scoring higher than 9.0 on Pitchfork demands immediate purchase, as dictated by hipster law).


Despite an intense poolside meeting with BARRR over the weekend, we remain conflicted about future ADD-correspondents even as tonight's decision fast approaches.

Chip's boner says Tweetnasty (yes, his boner speaks).

Richard's heart is with Tyler Waugh (let's face it: that kid is adorable!).

Our fondness for well-crafted journalism leads us toward Olivia.

And we're suckers for the inside jokes and punch lines of Tim Dwyer.

But tonight is the night. Decisions must be made. BARRR is at work on a special podcast in which the winner will be announced (rumors are that the reclusive Chip may be a special guest on this program). We predict it will be similar in many ways to Lebron James' infamous "The Decision" special (but with more boner jokes). Stay tuned. Soon, Larryville will have its newest tastemaker!

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