Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Kickball and Music Guide / Missed Connection of the Week / Thoughts on New Movies

Scenesters never rest on the Sabbath. Sunday brings kickball and Replay matinees, as usual.

It seems unlikely that tonight's Game of the Week between Slowride and Brew Ballers will produce a moment as magical as last week's marriage proposal. In fact, the KVKL blog suggests this game will be as scholarly as a chess match:

"Slowride is filled with athletes and will be looking to regain a winning record after a six-point loss to Los Luchadores last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some of them in the stands taking notes during the BB vs. LL game."

If we see scenesters taking notes instead of shotgunning PBRs and streaking, then surely kickball has truly run its course in the hipster world.

Making their Hobbs debut in the 7:00 slot will be newcomers Harper Valley PTA. We predicted these scrappy upstarts (a team full of rock stars and public educators) might make a Bad New Bears-style rise to the top. But so far they've been run-ruled for two consecutive games. Shows what we know about kickball.

As for us, we'll be on the Replay patio with Granny Tweed and Tinhorn Molly. The latter describes their sound in this fashion:

"...tuned to a train whistle and played in the key of a hound. Songs to love laugh cry and kill to, all in the rusted scrap iron sound of a three piece junkyard orchestra."

Richard: "They had me at 'key of a hound.'"


Larryville Craigslist Missed Connection of the Week is labeled "m4f-Harbor bartender":

"You bartended thursday night and said something about how jars should be called jugs. And I was not able to get your name? I was wearing a black band t-shirt."


We're keeping things brief today because we're on our way out of town to see Terence Malick's long-awaited new film Tree of Life.

Chip: "I hear that at least fifty minutes of it consists of extreme close-ups of leaves. Could that be true?"

Richard: "It's possible, Chip."

Chip: "I think I may opt for Mr. Popper's Penguins instead. The NY-Times raves that it's "90 minutes of tolerable jollity,' which is often how I boast about my own lovemaking skills."

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Billy Gay Cyrus said...

It's a sad fact that people actually scout kickball teams in the KVKL. It's a product of what I've been calling the KVKL's Age of Santos. The Late Fees have always believed that the team with the most shotgun'd Hamms in their dugout wins. LATE FEES 4 LIFE! Also, the Late Fees are waiting for the 6 hour version of Malick's "Tree of LIfe", we will settle for nothing less.

Coach BGC