Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Weekend Picks: The "Filthy Gypsy Sex" of the Royal Tinfoil at Replay, Pizza Power Party at Mirth, White Denim at Jackpot, and Kickball Returns!

It's going to be scorching hot at the Replay matinee this evening, but you don't want to miss Royal Tinfoil. Look at this tantalizing info we uncovered:

"Royal Tinfoil’s material include dirty-fingernail hosannas (“Jericho 941”) a busker mini-opera (“The Theme from Muscadine”) and White Stripes-style noir-blues (“Rat on a Wheel”). And check out “Oh Mary.” The track sounds like Jeff Buckley fronting The Velvet Underground.Onstage, Slay and Boles play everything from guitars to a cello to…a lampoline? “I used to play the lamp like a drum, essentially,” she says. “So it’s like our tambourine lamp.” When I reach Slay at 2 p.m. on a recent Thursday she’s drinking a Schlitz and cooking bacon and macaroni-and-cheese for some bachelor friends she’s been staying with in Charleston."

Richard: "There's not a single thing that doesn't intrigue me about this. See you there."

Royal Tinfoil seems to be listed as the middle act of a three-band bill which, according to Replay-law, means they'll likely either play first or last or not at all.

The band describes their live show as "filthy gypsy sex," which looks something like this:

If you prefer your early evening rock indoors and much louder, head to Mirth and watch our Twitter-buddies High Diving Ponies, along with Rooftop Vigilantes (listed on the flier, but seemingly nowhere else, so possibly not performing or possibly performing as The Beatles) and others. This show is brought to you by the Pizza Power folks, who are seeking out new venues for their shenanigans since Johnny Law keeps slapping noise complaints on their house parties. And don't panic because of a potential lack of beer at Mirth: you can bring your own (3.2) beer.

Chip: "How the hell am I supposed to study at Mirth tonight with all this racket going on?"

Late night at the Jackpot brings Texas's White Denim, hot off a four star review in Rolling Stone (and some Pitchfork praise over the years as well):

"White Denim spit psychedelia, hard blues, boogie, prog rock and fusion riffs like inspired kids weaned on 64GB iPods and 64-ounce Slurpees" (Rolling Stone).

We think Weaned on Slurpees would make a good band name. And we're sold on White Denim based on this adorable picture:

Music aside, though, this weekend's top scenester story is the return of kickball. We'll put a link to the KVKL kickball blog in the sidebar (along with some other hip new links) so you can stay on top of all the PBR-swilling action. Our pick for the season remains newcomers Harper Valley PTA: we think that this scrappy group of teachers and rock stars (Art Dodge, Matt Pryor) are going to make an unexpected run for the trophy, and we plan to film a documentary about it, which we'll attempt to screen at various film festivals in an attempt to gain a foothold in the scenester film world. Make sure to visit the KVKL blog for Coach Billy Gay Cyrus's picks for the top 5 greatest inspirational sports-film speeches:

"Sometimes my team needs more than our traditional pre-game victory lap and a lukewarm PBR to get motivated and play a competitive adult kickball game... Traditionally, before The Late Fees first regular season game I play Al Pacino’s game changing speech from Oliver Stone’s epically over-the-top Any Given Sunday."

Full blog with film clips here

[LC note: The best team name we've seen this year comes not from Larryville, but from the KC kickball world. That name: Nice Snatch).

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