Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June Final Fridays Coverage Begins / Portland's Lovers Play in KC and Larryville / Chip and BARRR Record the ADD Contestant Podcast

First things first: please vote in our poll in the sidebar. As always in these polls, there are a lot of fans of cute fuzzy animals, but we're hoping at least one person (maybe Chip himself) votes to see twitpics of Chip's weiner.


This month's Final Friday sort of slipped up on us, but we're currently researching and ready to spotlight the week's most important events.

The first to catch our eye is "Regrettable Edibles," photographs by Meg Dejmal at the Pig. Here are the author's notes:

"The inspiration for this particular series came from a study of the history of women being associated with nature, fairy tales, and third wave feminism. Visually, I've also always been fascinated with the juxtaposition of objects that don't belong together. For example, I have always loved the way that something disgusting and dark could pair with something soft and feminine. I am a firm believer in opposites attracting. Reactions to these photographs include (but are not limited to): disgust, horror, fascination, and arousal."

Chip: "I predict my reaction will be limited to arousal."

Our feminist readers: "This exhibit sounds important, so it's too bad that we stopped going to the Pig that time they hassled a woman for breastfeeding her baby."


If you love "gut-checking synth pop" (www.terrorbird.com), you've got two opportunities this week to check out Portland's Lovers. Tonight they'll be playing at a place "to be determined" in KC (we haven't been hip enough to determine the place as of yet) and tomorrow night they'll bring their sweet synth-sounds to the Replay (along with the Gameboy blips of KC's Blondie Brunetti).

As best as we can tell from a piece and photo from www.portlandmercury.com , they are absolutely adorable: "The three members of Lovers currently live together... they swap inside jokes and finish each other's sentences."

These two shows should satisfy our thirst for all things Portland until Wild Flag arrives in KC in October and we do our best to interview Carrie Brownstein (or, more likely, just drunkenly shout "put a bird on it" at her from across the bar).


It was a true meeting of the minds (and boners) last night when scenester-extraordinaire BARRR sat down with anti-scenester Chip to record a podcast evaluation of the ADD-correspondent contestants. The evening was full of Oprah moments (Chip cried twice and pranced about on the couch once) and the whole affair culminated in a decision that we think you'll find both surprising and delightful.

And the podcast is available NOW at BARRR's site at www.barrrheaven.com . Enjoy!


Teddy said...

Where is the poll position for more Harry Lupus?

lycanthropy is so hip said...

Harry Lupus is a write-in candidate. If enough people demand it, let's hope he resurfaces!

Kickballer said...

I could see more of that too.

Whoever your misterious "Doctor X" is is a fucking weirdo, but hes also a pretty funny one. Why doesnt he writein anymore? Is it just Chip in disguise?

Which Doctor said...

I do not pander to pussies who play kickball.

Anonymous said...

Hey fuck you asshole!

Kickballs kicks ass. Your ass!