Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Analyze Tech N9ne Lyrics and Look at a Bear Club Party Pic / More Final Fridays Coverage

We've always been inspired by the success of KC's Tech N9ne and never more so than now, with his new album, All 6's and 7's, rocketing all the way to the top of the Billboard charts.

Let's take a closer look at the lyrics that America loves so well. This is the chorus of "Fuck Food":

"Girls only look like fuck food to me)
(Girl-girls only look like fuck food to me)"

Our feminist readers: "Not only are women objectified here, but they're embodied as products to be consumed. Disgusting."

Chip: "Ladies, I'd argue that the rest of the lyrics are at least as much a celebration as an exploitation of women. Take the opening lines, in which N9ne professes that he'd prefer to go down on a woman than to chew his favorite gum: "Yum, a stick of 5 gum is the taste on my tongue /But for the right one, I'll spit it out and place her right on.". And later in the song Li'l Wayne stops by with this fascinating simile: "Yeah, float in that pussy like a cruise ship." Far from an inessential 'product,' the woman in this instance becomes VERY essential. For recreational purposes, admittedly, but essential nonetheless."

Our feminist readers: "What do you make of a line like 'I ain’t tryna have no babies, but baby / You braised in some slavery' and, later, 'I’m they master, hit ‘em with a lash.' Surely, this evocation of the master/slave relationship within the song's explicit sexual content is irresponsible and offensive."

Richard: "It's edgy, to be sure. The bizarre phrase 'braised in some slavery' cleverly extends the song's food metaphors ('braised'), suggesting that the continuing pain of oppression has marked them all. Later, when N9ne shockingly transforms into the slavemaster, he's surely commenting on the power dynamics inherent in any sexual relationship. But he makes it clear that his 'bitches' have allowed, even welcomed, such activity: 'When I get my mittens on this kitten / She’ll be bitten, then she missin’ /‘Cause she fucked up and let the Tech in.' Ultimately, N9ne's own insatiable appetite for 'fuck food' is interrogated: what has led him to behave this way and for women to allow it?"

Chip: "I also like the line where N9ne is 'Tryna get my dick sucked through my jeans.' That one's just funny."


We didn't make it to last Friday's Team Bear Club beach party event at the Tap Room, but A. Ruscin did. Here's a photo that intrigues us:

He must be absolutely mesmerized by Phil Canty's beats! As always, name that scenester and win a free prize (maybe a PBR, or maybe a mushroom or whatever else these Bear Club kids be trippin' on!).


Two more Final Friday events have caught our attention.

Our Twitter-buddy @dzesika will be performing with the Lawrence Tango Dancers in the lobby of the Arts Center throughout the evening.

Chip: "Tango is one of my top 5 favorite sexy dances, alongside the foxtrot, the lambada, the Dougie, and any dance that involves grinding."

We're also pleased that the Lawrence Public Library is shining a spotlight on a young local artist, 15 years old.

"For this show, Juliana was inspired to take photos of her cat, Mrs. O'Hara, where only a tiny bit of her was showing, so that viewers must scan the photo to locate her. The name of this series is *Cat Scan*."

If you're waiting for us to say something snarky about this youngster, keep waiting. Because we personally think this show sounds far preferable to "wizard art."

Chip: "I just hope I'm able to find those cats. Otherwise, I'm going to feel like a dummy."


Anonymous said...

ppl love the Barrr/Chip COLABO! Looks like ur movin on up dork!

Chip said...

I'm working hard to expand my brand. And by "hard," I do mean erect.